Wednesday, July 10

Fraud, caller reported fraud charges on her credit card, Sandhill Lane NE.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus tree, Busch Road SE.

Assist other agency, report of possible drunk driver, Sanibel Drive.

Theft, vehicle broken into, Sanstead Street E., Garfield.

Public assist, gave person ride home, 17th Avenue E.

Trespassing complaint, caller reported someone moved into his hunting cabin without permission, Highway 78 NW, Ashby.

Water complaint, caller concerned about two people in a paddle boat, they left 45 minutes ago and have not returned, people were found, fishing on southwest side of lake, Union Lake.

Suspicious activity, report of two people on premise for about 30 minutes, walking around, checked on, were electricians working on building, Highway 29 S.


Wednesday, July 10

Animal complaint, report of a goose hanging around the front door, unknown if injured or not, North Nokomis NE.

Theft, report of a stolen tiller, doors were forced open, Sumac Drive.

Suspicious person, possible drunk driver, 8th Avenue W.

Property damage crash, no injuries, Fillmore Street.

Suspicious person, caller reported man walked across his yard in the rain, now standing by a vehicle, Geneva Drive.

Criminal damage to property, vehicle was keyed, 6th Avenue E.

Property damage crash, no injuries, 34th Avenue W.

Suspicious person, caller reported male in front of store sitting in lawn chair, looks like he may be on drugs, Broadway Street. 

ATV complaint, report of two four-wheelers being driven on city streets, South McKay Avenue.

Suspicious activity, caller is sitting in vehicle in parking lot and man from apartment is sitting and staring at her, Fairgrounds Road.


This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.