Friday, Aug. 23

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, County Road 3 NE, Carlos.

Animal complaint, report of horse on the road, now in the woods, Carlos Timbers Drive NE.

Theft, caller reported golf cart stolen and cables cut, Arrowwood Lane NW.

Animal complaint, report of a bull running in the ditch, County Road 14 NW, Miltona.

Traffic hazard, vehicles parked in curve, East Lake Geneva Road NE.

Water complaint, caller reported boat went through weeds and cattails, cutting them up, making a mess, Evansville.

Drug related activity, report of person selling heroin, Brandon.

Water complaint, report of pontoon stranded on lake, Lake Miltona.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, Evansville.

Public assist, person had questions about riding four-wheelers in the ditches.

Driving complaint, caller reported vehicle driving at least 100 mph, passing cars in oncoming traffic, Highway 29 N.

Firecracker complaint, Douglas Street, Evansville.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, County Road 21 SW.

Noise complaint, report of boat on lake playing loud music, Lake Ida.

Saturday, Aug. 24

Driving complaint, report of someone driving motorcycle up and down road for the past hour, caller said it is very loud, Old Glory Drive NE.

Neighbor dispute, caller reported neighbor's house light shines in his window, County Road 77 SE.

Shooting complaint, caller reported excessive shooting coming from neighbor's house, South Maple Lake Road SE.

Animal complaint, caller reported cows are on his property making a mess, County Road 6 NW.

Water complaint, report of persons driving jet skis too close to shore, Carlos Darling Drive NW.

Utility company call, tree took out powerlines, not blocking the road, County Road 1 SW, Kensington.

Suspicious activity, caller reported female was forced into a van, County Road 22 NW.

Noise complaint, caller reported neighbor down the street is playing loud music, Park Street, Garfield.

Water complaint, report of jet ski having problems in middle of the lake, Lake Carlos.

Driving complaint, report of truck pulling boat, all over the road, County Road 82 NW.

Driving complaint, report of vehicle trying to run caller off the road, County Road 82 NW.

Sunday, Aug. 25

Noise complaint, caller reported 12 or so people next door going back and forth between house and lake screaming loudly and being rowdy, South Darling Drive NW.

Property damage crash, trailer hit a vehicle, County Road 87 SE.

Theft, caller reported some of her jewelry is missing, Sunset Strip NW.

Driving complaint, vehicle driving at least 90 mph, County Road 11 NE.

Theft, caller reported two watches were stolen from his cabin, Pocket Lake Road SW, Lowry.


Friday, Aug. 23

Parking complaint, 6th Avenue and Broadway Street.

Drug related activity, caller found drugs in tenant's room, Hawthorne Street.

Suspicious activity, caller reported arrows and the word "help" drawn in chalk on sidewalk, Kenwood Street.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, Carlos Darling Drive NE.

Parking complaint, two vehicles parked on road, Bethesda Street NW.

Hit and run, Rosewood Circle SE.

Hit and run, parking lot, Highway 29 S.

Animal complaint, report of wounded cat in the middle of the street, Quincy Street N.

Driving complaint, caller reported vehicle keeps stopping at intersection and then burning out, leaving skid marks, 13th Avenue E.

Drunk, report of intoxicated female at gazebo, 7th Avenue E.

Saturday, Aug. 24

Drunk, caller reported intoxicated female peeing on the ground in the drive through, tried to get in caller's vehicle, Highway 29 S.

Abandoned vehicle, caller reported vehicle parked on side of road, thinks it is abandoned, Oak Knoll Drive SE.

Juvenile trouble, caller reported female was drinking tonight, rolled her car with friends in it, then dropped off, Shepard Road NW.

Theft, caller reported the theft of two potting plants from front yard, Cedar Street.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported window frames and screen was bent out, Unumb Drive.

Noise complaint, caller reported someone was playing music too loud, North McKay Avenue.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported vehicle had been sitting for more than 24 hours, 3rd Avenue E.

Shoplifting, report of an adult male shoplifter in custody, Highway 29 S.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported camper was vandalized, Birch Avenue.

Driving complaint, vehicle cutting people off, passing too many people at one time, 3rd Avenue E.

Noise complaint, report of loud music, North McKay Avenue.

Suspicious activity, caller reported man dressed all in black came around corner and showed body parts then took off running, Amanda Lane.

Suspicious activity, report of male and female taking things out of building, 3rd Avenue E.

Drug related activity, caller has concerns about drug activity in building, 3rd Avenue W.

Driving complaint, report of intoxicated male driving, Highway 29 N.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, Walmart Drive.

Sunday, Aug. 25

Suspicious activity, caller reported someone hacked into his social media accounts, 11th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, report of male and female having sex outside a vehicle in the parking lot, 6th Avenue E.

Animal complaint, caller reported neighbor's dogs were out in the rain, Maple Street.

Drug related activity, report of strong smell of marijuana, Jefferson Street.

Suspicious vehicle, parked in parking lot unoccupied, Lake Community Church.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.