A full-time dean of students will be added to the staff at the Brandon-Evansville School District this fall.

School board members approved the action June 17 at the request of Superintendent Don Peschel.

Peschel said the position is needed, as several people are currently doing various duties that would typically fall under the dean of students.

Trent Hintermeister, a full-time special education teacher, is serving as dean of students, but because of his full-time teacher duties he is not able to devote the time it takes to be in that role.

Several other staff members have been helping with dean of students duties as well.

During the school board meeting, Peschel went over some of the duties the newly-hired dean of students will be in charge of, including: attendance and truancy; student council; student discipline and detention; academic and behavior interventionist; testing coordinator and more.

School board member Andy Siira asked how the budget would be affected.

Peschel said it was going to cost the district money, but that the position was needed. Administrative costs make up about 4 percent of the district's budget, Peschel said, while most districts average between 5-8 percent.

The position will be posted per the school district's job posting policy.

Preliminary budget

Although the school year just ended, the district is planning ahead for next year. At its regular monthly meeting Monday, June 17, the board approved a preliminary budget for the 2019-2020 school year.

The expected budgeted revenues, according to business manager Vicki Ellis, are estimated at $6,225,291, with the budgeted expenditures at $6,356,280. The project beginning balance is $3,134,455.

When the beginning balance is added to the revenues, the total is $9,359,736. After the expenditures are taken out, the district is left with a projected fund balance of $3,003,456.