Goodbye, potholes. Hello, smooth black tar.

Roadwork on County Road 12 north of Garfield is complete except for striping and putting gravel on the shoulder, said Douglas County Engineer Dave Robley. The paving was done much sooner than expected.

"Now the road should last 20-plus years pretty easily," he said.

Warning signs went up on the road this spring after holes appeared in asphalt applied just last year. Robley's office fielded some complaints and the Echo Press published photos of the holes. However, those holes were only in the first coat of asphalt, which was allowed to settle for a winter before the $1.2 million road project was complete.

"I think a lot of people had the misconception it was finished," Robley said.

Working over the past week, contractors patched the holes. Robley said they found that the base was still strong, but that spring traffic had caused spots of thin asphalt to break apart.

Originally, he thought the roadwork wouldn't be complete until late June or July, but the contractor's schedule changed because another road wasn't yet ready for paving. The County Road 12 project is one of six paving projects the contractor is working on.