Wednesday, Aug. 14

Parking complaint, caller reported vehicle was in his driveway and was going to have it towed, Highway 29 S.

Theft, caller reported electronics stolen, East Burgen Road SE.

Theft, caller reported someone has been taking funds from her deceased brother, Farwell.

Suspicious activity, caller reported vehicle went down road fast, swerved and then slowed down, front license plate fell off and now she can't find her dog, thinks vehicle hit it, Osakis.

Vehicle in ditch, County Road 16 NW, Evansville.

Juvenile trouble, caller reported four to five kids jumping off the train bridge, County Road 73 NE.

Theft, caller reported someone stole the tabs off her vehicle, 7th Avenue W.

Animal complaint, caller reported two dogs in a cage and no shade, Nelson.

Driving complaint, all over the road and in the grass, Interstate 94, mile marker 105.

Personal injury crash, two vehicles, head-on, Hiebel Road SW.

Dog bite, caller reported being bit by a dog while out for a walk, South Maple Lake Road SE.

Thursday, Aug. 15

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, Pennie Road SE.

Animal complaint, report of two horses on the loose, walking on the road, Pheasant Way SW, Lowry.

Suspicious activity, caller reported woman on her property taking pictures, when caller confronted the woman, she swore at the caller and took off at about 120 mph, Carlos.

Friday, Aug. 16

Juvenile trouble, caller reported six to eight kids in her yard messing with her stuff, Brandon.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported person in vehicle has been sitting at location for a long time, County Road 82 NW.

Property damage crash, Interstate 94, mile marker 103.

Suspicious activity, caller reported vehicle pulled off side of the road and parked, Centennial Drive NW.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus dog, County Road 42 NE.

Saturday, Aug. 17

Traffic hazard, vehicle part way in the lane of traffic, Kensington.

Criminal damage to property, person in lobby to report damage to his property, Mud Lake Lane SW.

Driving complaint, all over the road, County Road 102 NE, Miltona.

Firecracker complaint, Douglas Street, Evansville.

Suspicious activity, caller reported seeing smoke on north side of highway, County Road 25 SW, Hoffman.


Wednesday, Aug. 14

Juvenile trouble, caller reported underage kids in the gazebo, Victor Street.

Theft, report of the theft of a vehicle, Voyager Drive.

Driving complaint, running stop signs, all over the road, 34th Avenue E.

Parking complaint, vehicle parked in lot, Fairgrounds Road.

Animal complaint, caller reported taking in two stray dogs and was trying to find the owner, one of the dogs bit her son, doesn't want the dogs around now, 6th Avenue E.

Animal complaint, report of dog inside vehicle, Highway 29 S.

Animal complaint, caller reported juvenile male hanging a dog from his leash, 45th Avenue E.

Found property, caller reported finding a leather bag full of files hidden in the bushes, Douglas Street.

Drunk, report of a drunk man walking south, County Road 22 NW.

Thursday, Aug. 15

Shoplifting, male shoplifter, 3rd Avenue E.

Noise complaint, report of loud music, 6th Avenue E.

Suspicious person, report of man laying in the hallway by library sleeping, Fillmore Street.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, 5th Avenue E.

Parking complaint, caller stated a large trailer is parked in front of her house, wanted it removed, Ash Street.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, 18th Avenue E.

Parking complaint, report of vehicle with expired tabs parked for several weeks, Maple Street.

Parking complaint, 9th Avenue W.

Animal complaint, report of dog tied up in front of building, Elm Street.

Juvenile trouble, caller reported kids in the woods fighting each other, 6th Avenue E.

Animal complaint, caller reported that he was upset his neighbor's dog uses his yard as an outhouse, 5th Avenue E.

Shoplifting, male and female shoplifters, Highway 29 S.

Drug related activity, caller reported smell of marijuana, Highway 29 S.

Friday, Aug. 16

Suspicious person, caller reported man was looking into her car when she came outside, man was acting strange, 11th Avenue W.

Suspicious person, male on a bike, Browns Point Road NW.

Theft, caller reported a saw was stolen from his truck, Jefferson Street.

Property damage crash, Aga Drive.

Theft, caller reported theft of her daughter's phone, 6th Avenue E.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported truck was egged, Cherry Lane NE.

Animal complaint, report of dog in vehicle, 3rd Avenue E.

Parking complaint, vehicle parked in lot that is not supposed to be there, Fairgrounds Road.

Noise complaint, report of woman on a patio swearing loudly, 34th Avenue E.

Parking complaint, vehicles parked for an extended time, Highway 29 S.

Saturday, Aug. 17

Property damage crash, caller reported crash that happened a couple of weeks ago in a parking lot, Highway 29 S.

Parking complaint, caller reported people parking in the driving lane, 2nd Avenue E.

Driving complaint, report of driver on dirt bike doing wheelies on Broadway Street.

Hit and run, Highway 29 S.

Property damage crash, minor, North Nokomis Street NE.

Parking complaint, caller said vehicle parked on the road for two to three weeks, Amanda Lane.

Driving complaint, all over the road, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious person, caller reported man laying on the steps, Lake Street.

Property damage crash, South Broadway Street.

Driving complaint, caller reported two people on bicycles riding south in northbound lane, North McKay Avenue.

Property damage crash, minor, 3rd Avenue E.

Drunk, report of intoxicated man yelling at people, North Nokomis Street.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.