Susan Crotteau has been appointed interim director of the Douglas County License Bureau. She was appointed by the Douglas County commissioners at their regular board meeting Tuesday, May 21.

Crotteau will take over for Angie Steele, whose resignation was accepted by the commissioners at the May 7 meeting.

Steele's last day will be Friday, May 31. She has worked for Douglas County since January 2010 and was hired as the license bureau director in October 2013.

It was not stated how long Crotteau will serve in the interim position. The commissioners will post for the position and go through a formal hiring process, at the recommendation of Heather Schlagen, the county coordinator.

Time capsule

A time capsule that was first buried at the Douglas County Courthouse in 1958 during the county's 100-year celebration will soon be moving to a new home. The capsule, owned by the Douglas County Historical Society, will be unearthed once again and moved to the grounds of the historical society.

The capsule was dug up in 2008 during Douglas County's sesquicentennial celebration. According to board Chairman Charlie Meyer, some items were taken out and other items were put in. The capsule was reburied and has been at the courthouse ever since.

The move to the Douglas County Historical Society only seemed fitting, according to the commissioners, as the historical society is housed in the original home of Knute Nelson.

Nelson served as governor of Minnesota from 1893-1895 and was a U.S. senator from 1895-1923. He was also a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Minnesota Senate.

It is not known when the capsule will be moved.

Land acquisition

Although the majority of the land is in a swamp known as Redick Swamp, the Douglas County Public Works department purchased a parcel of land on the northeast side of Chippewa Park. Out of the nearly 50 acres, roughly seven acres are usable, according to Dave Robley, public works director.

The land was purchased from Tom Marcella for $35,000. It is yet to be determined what the land will be used for, but one possible option would be to expand camping on the north end of the park.

Updated policy

Commissioner Keith Englund said although an updated policy about attendance and communication was a little vague, he thinks it works, but wanted to hear from those who it affected.

The "Appointed Department Head Attendance and Communication Policy" replaces a previous policy and reiterates several portions of the county employee handbook. In fact, the updated policy will make reference to the page numbers of the handbook it is referring to.

Englund said he realized a "one size fits all" model doesn't necessarily work.

The policy, in essence, basically states that department heads need to communicate when they are not in the office and/or working remotely off-site. They are also required to operate on a 40-hour work week, but that it is mutually understood that the job of a department head often requires more than eight hours in a day and more than 40 hours in a week.

After a civil back-and-forth conversation between the commissioners and those department heads who attended the meeting, the policy was approved.

"This doesn't cover everything and it wasn't intended to," said Englund, who was at the helm of the updates. "I hope we don't have to visit this again. We just ask that you communicate and play by the rules."

Douglas County Assessor Keith Albertsen voiced his appreciation to the commissioners for their willingness to work together and discuss the policy before it was put into place.

In other action

The county board also approved the following items:

• On-sale brewer's tap room license including Sunday sales and brewer off-sale intoxicating liquor license for Carlos Creek Winery, which is doing business as 22 Northmen Brewing Company.

• State of Minnesota joint powers agreement for Sentence to Serve program.

• State of Minnesota federal supplemental boating safety patrol grant.

• Preliminary plat and final plat for Welsh's Addition, a one-lot plat in Carlos Township.

• Conditional use permit to Florian Ledermann to allow a farm winery and occasional special events in Brandon Township.

• Covering of no-parking signs on County Road 42 at Rotary Beach for the week of July 4, which will be July 1-8.