Less than a year after County Road 12 north of Garfield was rebuilt and temporarily paved, cracks and holes have appeared in the surface, requiring motorists to swerve around them and the county to erect a caution sign.

Taxpayers might wonder why a $1.2 million road has holes, but the road isn't even finished yet, said Douglas County Public Works Director Dave Robley.

"It's doing exactly what is intended to be done," he said. "It's nothing out of the ordinary."

In building the road, the county put down a first layer, then let it go through a winter of freezing and thawing to let it settle and reveal soft spots, he said, a common practice when the entire roadway has been rebuilt.

"This is kind of what we anticipated and why we're doing it that way to find the problems," he said. "We get a better road in the long run."

Next month, a contractor will patch the holes and put a second and third layer of asphalt over the top.

"Then the project will finally be done," he said.

Robley did say that the asphalt near the holes was thinner than the design called for. He wasn't sure why that was, but that it could have been equipment related.

County Road 12 will go down to one lane during the project, which will take place sometime in late June and early July.