Although the discussion was minimal, Douglas County Board Chairman Charlie Meyer stated at Tuesday's meeting, "The (proposed) parking lot is indefinitely on hold until we figure out what's going on with First Lutheran Church."

At the May 7 county board meeting, options for a parking lot that would take up much of the courthouse lawn were discussed. However, the county commissioners are in negotiations to possibly purchase First Lutheran Church. The church is building a facility at a new location and selling its downtown church property.

The commissioners have not taken any formal action to purchase the church and have held one closed session to discuss the possible purchase. Although they have not formally made the purchase, the commissioners are taking steps for the possibility by hiring Contegrity Group to provide management professional services for the church and JLG Architects to conduct a feasibility study of the building.

The county is running out of space in its current facilities and the purchase of the church could help remedy that issue. The feasibility study will help determine if the church building would suit the county's needs.

Once the commissioners receive the study's results, they will decide whether to move forward with purchasing the property and whether they will need the parking lot.