In an effort to improve safety and traffic flow, two roads leading to and from Alexandria Area High School's main parking lot are being temporarily turned into one-way roads.

Starting Monday, May 20, all traffic into the main parking lot on the south side of the school will be from Pioneer Road.

All traffic leaving the school will be going out the south side of the parking lot, past the football fields and onto 50th Avenue.

Signs will be put up and physical barriers will be installed to help with the change, which was approved by the Alexandria City Council at its Feb. 25 meeting.

One of the reasons for the change was to relieve congestion on Pioneer Road, where the road access to the school's main parking lot sitting directly across from the road leading to Grand Arbor.

Long backups have been known to occur at that intersection, particularly when school lets out or when activities conclude.

An intersection analysis conducted on Pioneer Road between January 2016 and June 2017 found that the crash rate was 1.4, seven times higher than the statewide average crash rate.

The change comes after discussions with officials from the city, county, school district and Grand Arbor.

Traffic patterns will be monitored through the summer.