Tuesday, April 23

Driving complaint, report of a vehicle all over the road, going only 40 mph, County Road 82 SE.

Parking complaint, caller reported she doesn’t like a certain person parking in front of her house, said the person would park for a few minutes at a time to pick up his girlfriend so his other girlfriend wouldn’t find out, Evansville.

Animal complaint, caller reported neighborhood dog just attacked his dog, Nelson.

Public assist, caller requested extra patrol for people passing improperly, using the bike lane to pass, County Road 34 NW.

Suspicious activity, report of three males attempting to break into a vehicle, County Road 22 NW.

Driving complaint, report of vehicle swerving all over the road, Interstate 94, mile marker 108.

Water related incident, caller reported boat across the cove with lights on and person inside yelling, “Shoot it,” County Road 10, Lake Osakis.

Water related incident, caller reported not liking when boats shine lights in his house, Lake L’Homme Dieu.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported boat cover straps were cut, Evansville.



Tuesday, April 23

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported vehicle sitting outside his trailer, blocking his driveway, for at least 15 minutes, South Broadway Street.

Drug related activity, caller reported people were smoking marijuana, 6th Avenue E.

Theft, report of employee stealing lottery tickets, 3rd Avenue E.

Drug related activity, caller found bag of drugs, Aga Drive.

Driving complaint, caller reported the car behind was tailgating, County Road 82 SE.

Traffic hazard, report of debris in the road, 50th Avenue W.

Shoplifting, caller reported having video of person shoplifting, 50th Avenue W.

Animal complaint, report of one dog attacking and biting another dog at the dog park.

Burning complaint, caller reported people at house down the street burning garbage, 12th Avenue E.

Drug related activity, customer turned in large bag of marijuana to store clerk, Highway 29 S.


This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.