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For the record

Alexandria Planning Commission

Monday, April 15

Location: City Hall Council Chambers

1. 7 p.m. Public hearing — Wally Tischer — Conditional use permit, requesting to allow a replat and a conditional use permit to allow construction of a three-unit townhome project in an R-1 "Single Family Residential" zoning district. The property is at 102 Birch Ave.

2. 7:10 p.m. Public hearing — Calvary Lutheran Church — Conditional use permit, requesting to allow an addition to their existing church facility which will consist of a worship space, a gathering space, and relocation of kitchen in an R-2 "Single & Two-Family Residential" zoning district. The property is at 605 Douglas St.

3. 7:20 p.m. Public hearing — Sharpe Property Group, LLC — Conditional use permit, requesting to allow moving a house in an R-2 "Single and Two Family Residential" zoning district. The property is at 623 Oak St.

4. 7:30 p.m. Public hearing — Kuepers, Inc. — Conditional use permit, requesting to allow a multi-family housing development to include two 35-unit apartment buildings and four accessory detached garage buildings in a B-1 "General Business" zoning district. The property is on 41st Ave. West.

5. Old and other business: Stonemanor First Addition — Replat; City of Alexandria — SRTS & Evidence of Title; Small Area Corridor Plan; Comprehensive Plan update

Douglas County Board

Tuesday, April 16

*Agenda as of April 10 and subject to change

Location: County Courthouse board room

9:05 a.m. Connie Fields, Early Childhood Initiative coordinator


9:10 a.m. Jeff Linn, Douglas Area Trails Association

DATA Trail sponsorship

9:20 a.m. Steve Henry, Lakes Association president

Long Prairie Watershed

9:30 a.m. Mary Skillings, recorder

Request to fill deputy recorder position

9:35 a.m. Steve Ziemer, Facilities Maintenance director

Douglas County door hardware

9:40 a.m. Dave Rush, Land and Resource director

License: excavator/landscaper

Final plat: Thompson First Addition

Conditional use permits — Pak Rat Mini Storage LLC; Stacy Anderstrom; Marcie and Clifferd Wagner

10:05 a.m. Char Rosenow, auditor-treasurer

Bills; Abatement; Transfer of funds; Request to fill vacancy in finance; Resolution — gambling permit

10:15 a.m. Dave Robley, Public Works director

Award contracts — State Aid Project 021-602-006, etc. (2019 Paving Projects); pavement marking; liquid calcium chloride

Approve filling GIS coordinator position

Approve quotes for replacing meeting room projectors; for LED light conversion at Alexandria garage; for re-insulating Kensington garage; for salt/sand shed in Alexandria

Approve equipment purchases/leases (a. Purchase skid loader; b. Purchase tilt top trailer; c. Purchase two bat-wing mowers; d. Purchase tractor; e. Lease two tractors)

Approve quotes for Lake Brophy County Park playground (a. Equipment installation; b. Concrete curb and walk; c. Pour in place surfacing; d. Wood fiber)

Approve 2019 Drainage and Ag Inspection report

Resolution supporting adequate funding for MN's transportation system

TH 27 Corridor study — presentation of final report

11:20 a.m. Heather Schlangen, county coordinator

1. Spray for tent caterpillars — West Central Ag-Air Inc.

11:25 a.m. Board

1. Appoint two commissioners to sit in on negotiations

2. 2020 Census partnership

3. Reports of other upcoming meetings for commissioners? Per diem eligible? Advertising needed?

Closed Session: The meeting will be closed to evaluate the performance of the following non-elected Department Head: Jacob Turner.