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A message from the Echo Press publisher

Dear Echo Press Readers:

As we kick off 2019, I’d like to talk to you – our readers and advertisers – about your community newspaper, the Echo Press. I’d like to share some information with you about the value and strength of our newspaper.

We have 32 employees who work daily to keep you informed:

  • County commissioner meetings – informing you about your tax dollars.
  • School board meetings – may concern your family or tax dollars.
  • Alexandria City Council meetings – tax dollars, zoning issues, city ordinances, street projects, parks, recreation, etc.
  • Business section – new businesses, promotions, hires, awards.
  • Faith – church activities, services.
  • Opinion – a local, public platform for people to share viewpoints through letters, commentaries, editorials and columns.
  • For the Record – public meeting agendas.
  • Calendars – informing the public of upcoming fun, educational events.
  • Births – children, grandchildren.
  • Obituaries – mom, dad, grandparents, friends.
  • Weddings – relatives or friends.
  • Coverage of sport games that may include your children or grandchildren.
  • Crashes, shootings, robberies, fires and other breaking news – making your neighbors aware of what is happening.
  • Sheriff/Police Blotter – crime reports and calls in your neighborhood.
  • Human interest stories.
  • Ag news.
  • Outdoor news.
  • Real estate – selling or buying your home.
  • Classifieds – selling your car.
  • Check out our coupon books to save money.
  • During the political season, we host and cover debates, publish a Voter’s Guide and keep people informed.
  • Advertising – do you need to know what is on sale at Elden’s, Fleet Farm, Target, Menards, Aldis, Cub, Cullens or Walgreens? What’s new with Alomere Health, The Country Store, Ron’s Warehouse, Trumm Drug, Downtown Merchants, Downtown Liquor or hundreds of other merchants? You can find it in our paper. Looking for a new or used car from Juettner or Alexandria Motors or maybe what’s happening on the entertainment side at your local bar or restaurant? It’s in our paper or shopper.

I could go on and on with what we provide for you, our readers, but I think you already know.

Yes, it’s been a tough couple of years for our community. We have lost Herbergers, JCPenneys, Payless Shoes, Glenwear, Randy’s Menswear, GNC, Ben Franklin, Sears, ABC Auto, Wendy’s, Papa John’s, Bello Cucina, Royal Tire, The Galla, Carriage House, Tennessee Roadhouse, Godfather’s and there are more. The Mustard Seed is closing and some other stores are struggling to stay open. Yes, with these closures, the newspaper has lost thousands in advertising revenue but this has not deterred us from our goal of delivering the news you can use and the advertising to support it.

We can’t provide service for free. Expenses are looked at for efficiencies. It costs money to run a community newspaper just like it does to run any other business. The Internet and Amazon are killing our small communities.

Now more than ever we all have to support each other to keep our communities alive.

So with all that said – I hope you can share with your friends that the Echo Press truly does have value in your community.

Hats off to you, our valued readers and supporters!

Here’s to continued success in 2019!

Jody Hanson, Publisher