BRAINERD, Minn.-Another year and another floating bog for North Long Lake.

Residents living on Merrifield Bay may have seen the bog floating around the lake this past week. But unlike last year, this bog appears to be much smaller than the famous monstrous bog that broke from the shoreline in October 2017 and landed on the Legionville School Safety Patrol Training Center's swimming beach. It took volunteers with the North Long Lake Association and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources weeks this past spring to move that gigantic bog-estimated to be 8 million pounds-off the beach and to a location just to the north. The bog was broken up into pieces and staked to its current location to keep it from moving.

The last piece was staked June 10 and residents hoped it would be the end of bog stories for the lake.

"Seeing floating bogs every year on North Long Lake is not unusual," Kevin Martini with the Brainerd DNR office said. Martini couldn't say for certain if the current small floating bog was part of the troublesome bog or if it came from another place in the bay.

Bill Schmidt, president of North Long Lake Association, said he received a call this past week from a lake owner who said there was a small floating bog on Merrifield Bay, and he wanted to know what he could do with it. Schmidt told the owner he could bring it to the location where the larger bog is situated and he could stake the smaller bog down. That is what the owner did with the bog with two boats.

Schmidt said he never looked at either bog to see if the smaller piece was part of the bigger one.

"All the stuff we have put in place over there was tied down really well," Schmidt said. "A smaller piece could have broken off, I don't know. I have not been over there to look for myself.

"Our pieces had a lot of stakes in it but it is possible for a piece to break off. But I don't know for sure."

Schmidt agreed with Martini, and said every year there are floating bogs roaming around the lake.

When the monstrous bog broke off in October 2017 and made its way around Merrifield Bay, it made its presence known. The bog damaged several docks as it worked its way around the lake, until it finally rested in front of Legionville's camp for the winter of 2017.

The lake association, the DNR and Minnesota American Legion then took responsibility for the bog and had it moved after the ice went out of the lake in the spring of 2018.

After research on the bog, the DNR reported the bog was about 200 feet by 800 feet and estimated to be 4,000 tons, or 8 million pounds. The bog is a natural wetland consisting of marsh, dead plant materials, cattails and, in this case, a line of tamarack trees.