Thursday, May 10

Suspicious person, reporting a vehicle has been in parking lot parked at a strange angle for quite a while, Evansville.

Public assist, regarding restraining order, Alex.

Drug-related activity, Brandon.

Public assist, gas drive off, Evansville.

Fraud, comp stating her sister is giving money to a man overseas that she believes is her boyfriend but family knows its a scam, Alex.

Threats, comp stating a guy called him and said he was going to hunt him down and cut his head off, Alex.


Thursday, May 10

Property damage crash, Pioneer Rd SE.

Attempted fraud/scam, no money lost.

Public assist, patient out of control.

Property damage crash, Elm St.

Check welfare of person, person one was saying goodbye because of a break up, not because he is suicidal.

Public assist, person one whom is an employee of person two stated that he hasn't heard from person two in a few days and is unable to locate him, person two out of town handling child custody issue.

Public assist, comp stating his mom locked up his property and won't give it to him.

Public assist, states she found a broken zipper on a suitcase so wants an officer to check her home to make sure the doors are locked and call her back.

Juvenile trouble, kids throwing rocks at their dumpster.

Public assist, comp stating her landlord will not let her get property from her apartment.

Theft, bike stolen, also stating her garage smells like gas.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.