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Law Enforcement Blotter: Friday, March 9 through Sunday, March 11


FrIday, March 9

Public assist, would like assistance retrieving property, Evansville.

Restraining order violation, person two violated, Nelson.

Juvenile trouble, Evansville.

Trespassing complaint, landlord's girlfriend was in her house without permission, Nelson.

Public assist, comp would like a deputy to be present while he picks up a vehicle from a third party, Alex.

Public assist, absent student, Alex.

Harassment, Facebook messages, Carlos.

Property damage crash, 6th Ave W/Broadway St, Alex.

Restraining order violation, person two was texting person one's mother, person two believed it was a violation, advised comp that the text messages were not an HRO violation, as it was not third party contact, Miltona.

Criminal damage to property, someone tried to drill the locks and wrecked some coin machine equipment, Brandon.

Suspicious person, person one stated he was walking to cities, given ride to Pilot and will be waiting for bus in the morning, Evansville.

Saturday, March 10

Suspicious activity, person one having vehicle problems and has tow on the way, Brandon.

Personal injury crash, Co Rd 4 SE/Co Rd 87 SE, Alex.

Public assist, his rear license plate fell off or was stolen, Alex.

Suspicious person, customer stating there has been a male in the store walking around for quite some time, Garfield.

Mentally ill person, brother has mental issues and is out of control, taken to ER, Garfield.

Public assist, comp is caretaking for male party and the house while his parents are away, male party's homeless friend is there and is planning on staying there, want him to leave, Alex.

Suspicious activity, comp states he heard a female voice yelling for someone to call 911, unable to locate, Miltona.

Fire, mutual aid, Ottertail County.

Sunday, March 11

Suspicious vehicle, person one was sleeping in the parking lot, he said we was going to continue to drive to Minot.

Assault, was pushed down some stairs by a neighbor, it is an ongoing issue over snow plowing, Alex.

Suspicious person, male pointing a gun towards driveway, all OK, coyote hunters, Farwell.

Public assist, believes a male that she was staying with in St. Cloud is now using her vehicle without permission, Nelson.

Suspicious vehicle, silver car parked on the road near his driveway all day, Alex.


FrIday, March 9

Suspicious activity, hears lots of screaming, sounds like a woman, verbal argument.

Suspicious vehicle, person one waiting for his friend who is closing down the store.

Suspicious activity.

Drug-related activity, heard there is a bunch of drugs in a vehicle parked outside hotel.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Hit and run.

Harassment, mother keeps calling and will not stop.

Traveler’s aid, trying to get to Georgia, needed a room for the night.

Public assist, has questions about order for protection and permit to carry.

Harassment, neighbors pushed snow from their driveway and road into comp’s driveway.

Property damage crash, 50th Ave W.

Property damage crash, 50th Ave W.

Check welfare of person, former employer would like law enforcement to check on male possibly making suicidal threats, male taken to ER.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Suspicious activity.

Public assist, stating staff and clients are threatening to rape her, nurse said all was OK.

Check welfare of person, baby has been crying for hours and caregiver is yelling at the child.

Suspicious activity, comp heard doors slam and sped out of parking lot.

Fight/assault, ER requesting an officer to respond for an unruly patient.

Traveler’s aid, needs help with bus to Minneapolis.

Suspicious activity, male party keeps following her around all the time.

Criminal damage to property, intoxicated female broke a toilet.

Saturday, March 10

Fight/assault, comp states he was threatened with a gun behind the Eagles.

Criminal damage to property, vehicle windows were broken.

Assault, comp got jumped walking out of the bar last night.

Property damage crash, 3rd Ave E/Irving St.

Public assist, received complaint that person one made concerning comment on Facebook.

Property damage crash, 6th Ave E.

Suspicious person, homeless male in the front entry trying to find a place to go.

Property damage crash, Broadway St.

Juvenile trouble, several cars revving engines in parking lot.

Sunday, March 11

Suspicious activity, people walking in private parking lot, comp and boyfriend hollered down at them and the people cursed at them.

Suspicious person, assisted female with ride home.

Public assist, ex-girlfriend still lives in the apartment and is on the lease, she came home intoxicated and causing some problems, comp would like her to leave.

911 hangup, could not hear anything on other end but towards end of call could hear someone whisper, "There is somebody in my house," Verizon was setting up a phone.

Property damage crash, 30th Ave E/S Broadway St.

Theft, phone taken.

Suspicious activity, drove home and all was fine with his vehicle, just tried to leave home and his tire fell off.

Check welfare of person, concerned for daughter.

Criminal damage to property, person who was kicked out of bar smashed windows in the parking lot.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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