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Law Enforcement Blotter: Thursday, January 11


Thursday, January 11

Suspicious activity, comp stating she heard someone outside of her house in the back, checked area and did not locate any individuals or see any foot tracks in the snow near residence, Miltona.

Property damage crash, 3rd St W/Prairie Ave, Brandon.

Public assist, requesting assistance in getting her property and her pet back, Alex.

Suspicious activity, doors open on an abandoned house, Evansville.

Harassment, Carlos.

Threats, got a phone call that someone is going to hurt her with a knife, Alex.

Suspicious activity, a lot of cars come and go from fishhouse when they turn a light on on the lake out from the comp’s home, Alex.

Shooting complaint, shots approximately 10 minutes ago from the back row of trailers, unable to locate, Brandon.


Thursday, January 11

Shooting complaint, heard two gunshots, possibly at the neighbors, officers spoke with parties at the residence the comp thought she heard the shots come from, they had not heard anything.

Public assist, caller is hearing noises on her roof, she would like an officer to check it out as she is not capable of going outside.

Suspicious person, in the parking lot, had a young man jump in his back seat and wont get out of his car, says he looks frozen and disoriented, taken to ER.

Property damage crash, Broadway St.

Public assist, has questions about towing a vehicle through town.

Intoxicated person at bailiff’s desk.

Juvenile trouble, wanted to make school aware of some information.

Stolen vehicle, caller states that there was an ATV, trailer and a pickup truck, as well as some other items stolen from a locked storage unit there.

Public assist, dad is homeless, would like a call from an officer regarding options for him.

Public assist, questions about roommate.

Public assist, caller says there is a homeless man there asking her if he can stay with her and wants a ride to Fergus Falls.

Public assist, comp wanting to make officers aware that he is having issues with his fiance, he has had an order for protection on her in the past and things are going south.

Juvenile trouble, school has a cell phone that they need picked up and brought to evidence.

Traveler’s aid, does not have enough money on credit for a room.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle at the end of cul de sac tucked behind a sand pile, charges for person two of fifth-degree possession and drug paraphernalia, person one cited for small amount of marijuana.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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