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Law Enforcement Blotter: Tuesday, September 12


Tuesday, September 12

Fraud, someone has hacked into their credit scores, she would like a form to fill out to put a freeze on it and was told to call, Alex.

Suspicious person, male came to her door stating that he was a Dish repairman, she has a dish on her roof but does not subscribe, unable to locate, Alex.

Check welfare of person, daughter is cutting herself and won't show her, she has been trying to get her into a facility but she won't get in the car, comp wants deputies to take her to ER for eval, Alex.

Suspicious person, male party checking the houses with Dish satellites on their roofs asking to come in the house to see the box, person one claims to work for out of Utah, he walks around looking for people with a dish on the roof and try to get them to switch to his company, Carlos.

911 hangup, open line, no answer upon call back, Miltona.

Personal injury crash, Co Rd 45 SW/Latoka Dr SW, Alex.


Tuesday, September 12

Intoxicated person, wants to go to detox.

Public assist, the manager would like an officer to review some video to see if they can identify a person.

Property damage crash, minor, 3rd Ave E.

Public assist, requesting officer assistance on not getting paid for fuel.

Criminal damage to property, damage to farm equipment.

Check welfare of person, child not at school again, spoke with parent, she said child has a doctor's appointment and she will call school.

Suspicious activity, called stating that a female came into the office reporting a silver SUV with a man inside parked on 4th Ave by the gym, the kids are outside playing, he would watch them then write something, he noticed her watching him then backed up and took off.

Hit and run, Elm St.

Stalking, comp reporting ex-husband is stalking her in Alex while she's up for her mom's funeral.

Public assist, inmate requesting to speak to officer regarding property being given to the wrong person.

Public assist, questions about renting an apartment and her rights.

Property damage crash, Nokomis St.

Public assist, would like to speak to an officer regarding issues with his child's mother.

Harassment, getting texts from neighbor that are threatening.

Suspicious person, man says he's from Dish Network and won't leave and is not supposed to be there.

Public assist, comp has questions regarding ex-roommates throwing her stuff outside.

Harassment, comp would like an officer to stop over and speak with her regarding her neighbor harassing her and being disrespectful to her children.

Suspicious activity, comp is concerned her 20-year-old son may be being lured into a bad situation, he is being recruited for a business that she knows nothing about.

Suspicious person, comp is worker and states a male party has been lurking around the building all day and is concerned.

Runaway, daughter did not come home from school, juvenile picked up and brought home.

Harassment, comp would like to talk to officers about getting a restraining order on her husband.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Beth Leipholtz

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