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Law Enforcement Blotter: Friday, September 8 through Sunday, September 10


Friday, September 8

Suspicious vehicle, parked at beach, stated he had a bad day was just enjoying the weather, Alex.

Suicide threats, comp stating her boyfriend is having a psychotic breakdown and wrapped his shirt around his neck, diabetic with low blood sugar, taken to ER, Carlos.

Suspicious activity, comp concerned someone attempted to break into her son's trailer, Carlos.

Public assist, information to share, Alex.

Assault, female was sexually assaulted by male, Nelson.

Shooting complaint, heard gunshots to the east of his residence a few minutes before calling, called back and stated it was only fireworks, Nelson.

Suspicious person, person hiding behind a pole, was intoxicated, passerby recognized her and offered her a ride, Alex.

Saturday, September 9

Littering complaint, someone dumped a refrigerator unit from a camper, Alex.

Shooting complaint, vehicle was just struck by a bullet, person six and seven were target shooting a rifle in a large field and a vehicle approx half a mile away, vehicle was struck by a bullet, Alex.

Public assist, would like to talk to officers about receiving property from someone's house, Alex.

Public assist, person one had questions on the eviction process of person two, Garfield.

Sunday, September 10

Suspicious vehicle, female wanted to get away from the house and listen to music, advised the park closed, Alex.

Criminal damage to property, neighbors had a party last night and drove across the greens, Alex.

Missing person, reporting mother as missing, Alex.

Violation of court order, son is there and there is a no contact order, Evansville.

Assault, would like to report his sister assaulted someone, Alex.

Suspicious activity, comp went for two walks this evening, walked by semi pulled over in front of the trailer park and heard noises coming from inside, roll up cover for trailer is blowing in the wind making noise, Brandon.

Fight/assault, daughter's 19-year-old male friend not making sense, yelling and throwing his arms around, comp believes he is on drugs, person one arrested, Carlos.


Friday, September 8

Suspicious person, male party with a big backpack and black winter coat is sitting in the entry way for about 45 minutes.

Assault, comp reporting assault by neighbor at bonfire.

Property damage crash, 6th Ave E/Lake St.

Juvenile trouble.

Attempted fraud/scam, not out any money.

Juvenile trouble, fifth grader just ran off, student returned.

Theft, exhaust stolen off trucks.

Hit and run, State Hwy 29 S.

Theft, tools taken from truck.

Public assist, needs help getting into apartment.

Property damage crash, 11th Ave W/Shoreview Dr SW.


Check welfare of person, family called adult protection with about missing elderly male and female parents with dementia.

Threats, comp is getting threatening messages over Facebook messenger from unrelated female about family issues.

Theft, money.

Suspicious activity, male with big fluffy light coat and baseball cap in area acting strange, unable to locate.

Sexual assault report, ex-girlfriend was assaulted by her boyfriend and her phone was broken and TV stolen, she is now at her ex-boyfriend’s.

Runaway, 13-year-old son has not returned home since school, located and agreed to stay home.

Saturday, September 9

Suspicious activity, came across male on the ground next to a bike, male party intoxicated and transported back to residence.

Property damage crash, minor, no injuries, Broadway St.

Suspicious person.

Public assist, looking for assistance with finding vulnerable adult a place to stay.

Attempted fraud/scam, Craigslist scam.

Theft, had two gas cans stolen from next to his house.

Public assist, caller would like an officer to assist him in getting his medication at location.

Theft, bike.

Check welfare of person, would like for the kids to be checked on in the house, says that mother is abusive and there are a lot of drugs going on in the home, also has a male party staying there that is registered and not supposed to be there, kids and mother are fine.

Juvenile trouble, 11-year-old with mental illness, out of control.

Theft, fishing rod and reel.

Property damage crash, minor, at dog park.

Check welfare of person, believes person one is using drugs with children in the home.

Child endangerment, 3-year-old child left in vehicle alone.

Suspicious activity, teenaged male skateboarding on wrong side of the road with all dark clothing, unable to locate.

Criminal damage to property, dent in vehicle.

Sunday, September 10

Suspicious activity, hears a young boy or boys screaming, girls were looking for a lost dog.

Stolen vehicle, person one arrested for possession of stolen vehicle.

Suspicious person, male party in and out of store, heating food and not paying.

Suspicious activity, comp stating her kids' dad called and said they are in the bathroom because someone broke in, kids thought they heard something in the apartment, checked and unfounded.

Public assist, landlord would like law enforcement presence as he enters vacant property.

Suspicious activity, ongoing issue with people messing with his vehicle, today there are pop cans under it.

Assault, would like to report his sister assaulted someone.

Check welfare of person, female made suicidal comments earlier today and now he can't get ahold of her, she is not suicidal.

Check welfare of person, 2-year-old rang her doorbell, she brought him back home and let him in but was not sure anyone was there, mother was sleeping at residence.

Harassment, two teen girls in lobby reporting to staff that they were harassed by someone in the theatre.

Suspicious activity, people camping in parking lot are peeing outside.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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