Friday, Dec. 30

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Fraud, someone applied for a credit card using their social security number, unknown if there is any financial loss at this time, Alex.

Check welfare of person, check on her grandkids, her daughter has been keeping them from the father and has not let grandma (comp) to see them either for approximately six weeks, comp states that she believes drugs are involved, she also stated that one of the kids has mentioned suicide at school, address was not correct, advised comp to call back if she got a better location, Brandon.

Suspicious activity, comp stated a neighbor has some sort of laser show and the lasers keep going into the house, comp stated it has been happening the past week, had person one shut off the laser, nothing further, Alex.

Saturday, Dec. 31

Suspicious vehicle, owners of grain bins turning dryers off, Carlos.

Sunday, Jan. 1

Suspicious vehicle, comp has vehicle that is at the end of his driveway that's not his, vehicle belongs to a friend of comp's, Alex.

Suspicious activity, storage sheds by location, sees male party going in and out of storage unit, person one was loading his own property into his car and moving to Detroit Lakes, Alex.

Monday, Jan. 2

Property damage crash, report of a one-vehicle rollover, no injuries, Evansville.

Drug-related activity, concerns that there are drugs on his renter’s property, Alex.

Theft, comp reporting item stolen from his garage, no suspects, Alex.

Public assist, Comp has questions regarding a dog she and her estranged husband jointly own, advised comp child/dog custody disagreements are a civil issue, advised comp to seek legal advice from attorney, Miltona.

Personal injury crash, rollover with injuries, I-94 MM 96, Garfield.

Public assist, truck can't get up the hill to get back on the interstate.

Civil matter, comp has questions regarding ownership of a vehicle, comp wanted to repo a vehicle that the buyer is not paying for, told him to contact the buyer and make efforts to resolve it before resorting to towing the car, Miltona.

Criminal damage to property, comp stated she got home and her door handle had been taken off and it looked like someone tried to break in, Miltona.

Suspicious activity, comp stated a few units do not have heat and they can't get a hold of the landlord, made contact with person one and advised him of the issue, Alex.