Friday, Dec. 9

Fraud, comp wanted a report credit card fraud, comp received a phone call from First National Bank, asked her about charges to her account and she stated they were not hers, comp closed account and contacted credit bureau, $3,000 loss, Alex.

Attempt to locate, be on the lookout for stolen vehicle, used in convenience store robbery in town of Elizabeth.

Burglary, reporting family farmstead was burglarized, comp's padlocks were cut off the house and shed on his property, did not notice anything missing at this time, Alex.

Snowmobile complaint, someone called a Pope County deputy and Pope dispatch relayed the information that there is a kid on a snowmobile on Pocket Lake off of Co Rd 4, units patrolled area, located tracks on north end of lake coming off of Co. Rd 4, did not locate snowmobile out on the lake.

Suicide threats, wife is aware that officers are enroute but not happy about it, she sounds calm at this time, she had her pills all over her bed, comp has taken them away, she doesn't have access to his guns at this time, he recently found her in her vehicle with it running, he has been trying to get her help with her doctor but wife has been reluctant, comp transported person one into the ER for an eval, voluntarily, Alex.

Public assist, child exchange in the lobby, comp would like a deputy present this time, stood by for child exchange, Alex.

Saturday, Dec. 10

Criminal damage to property, row of mailboxes have been taken out, vehicle drove into ditch and struck mailboxes, no suspects and no evidence, Alex.

Criminal damage to property, mailbox smashed last night, Garfield.

Suspicious vehicle, comp stating there is a man sitting in a white Durango, comp asked him what he was doing and he cussed him out, person one was playing Pokemon Go and stated comp told him to go play it somewhere else, person one got mad and then left, Garfield.

Sunday, Dec. 11

Property damage crash, county plow took out his mailbox, comp just wanted the damage documented, he will contact Douglas County Public Works office on Monday, Eagle Bend.

Public assist, child exchange in the lobby, comp would like a deputy present this time, Alex.

Suspicious activity, comp stating he saw a black fFrd pickup with a topper pull in his yard a few days ago and two guys got out and started snooping around his property (saw on trail cam), Kensington.

Personal injury crash, two vehicle, very minor injury, Co Rd 24 NW, Evansville.

Juvenile trouble, comp's daughter is there and refusing to come home with her, juvenile agreed to go home with her mother, report to social services, Alex.

Gas leak, gas leak, smell of propane, Brandon.


Friday, Dec. 9

Fire, apartment fire.

Traveler’s aid, comp at hotel requesting traveler’s aid, left message for comp to call, comp advised he was given a room last night and that was all that was available.

Juvenile trouble.

Public assist, comp has questions about business he plans on starting, answered comp’s questions and referred him to City Hall for the majority of it.

Child protection issue, received report from Douglas County Social Services.

Check welfare of person, school called stating juvenile hasn't been in school for the past week.

Juvenile trouble, incident handled by school.

Assault, comp has been fighting with person one since last evening, advised of HRO process and answered questions, complainant called back wanting to press charges.

Suspicious activity, comp stated her solar lights and a fence got damaged last night, wanted to report that her solar lights were kicked into the snow causing damage to two metal poles.

Property damage crash, 11th Ave W/Ash St.

Theft, comp states that he had a UPS package stolen from his property and wants to file a report.

Trespassing complaint, person in their lobby that won't leave.

Crash with two or more vehicles, 3rd Ave W.

Crash with two or more vehicles, comp wanted to report that a license plate belonging to the vehicle being driven by person one was damaged, comp stated person one rolled into another vehicle on Hwy 29 S at a stop light.

Child custody matter, mom didn't show up with child for exchange.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Threats, receiving threats from a former client that was at New Visions, no direct threat made, advised party of HRO process, comp requesting extra patrol over the weekend.

Saturday, Dec. 10

Public assist, water is pouring out of her light fixtures, manager contacted plumbing, comp was notified.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Mentally ill person, 10-year-old female experiencing mental health episode, stood by with parties until team arrived, juvenile female had calmed down by that point.

Theft, gold Ford F-250 with snowplow, $49, appeared intentional.

Stolen vehicle, vehicle was getting worked on and now is believed stolen from the lot.

Threats, ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend is threatening to kill him.

Public assist, comp would like to speak to someone about his ex threatening him with a restraining order, answered comp’s questions, advised to seek advice from an attorney.

Suspicious person, male party walking northbound appears to be very intoxicated, gave intoxicated party a ride to his residence.

Sunday, Dec. 11

Fight/assault, employee stating 10 guys are fighting in the hall, parties separated and went to rooms, no one wanted to pursue anything.

Stolen vehicle, wants to report his vehicle stolen, person one arrested for predatory offender registration violation, obstructing legal process, and fleeing on foot.

Public assist, towing company is pulling vehicle out of ditch, needs line of traffic shut down.

Suspicious activity, hiking boots sitting by mailbox in front of shopper tubes, comp believes it is suspicious, comp not home, unable to locate boots.

Public assist, APD placed male in Super 8 during Thanksgiving when person one kicked him out of her home, he left his belongings at her home and would like to talk to officer about retrieving them.

Property damage crash, city plow versus parked car, 5th Ave W/Fillmore St.

Hit and run, State Hwy 29 S.

Property damage crash, two-vehicle crash, 5th Ave W/Cedar St.

Property damage crash, minor, two vehicles, no injuries, Co Rd 82 SE/Fingal Dr.

Drug-related activity, strong smell of marijuana, spoke with person in apartment, no smell of marijuana from the apartment, nothing further.

Property damage crash, west side of parking, State Hwy 29 S.

Suspicious activity, white male in 30s carrying case of Cola yelling at the neighborhood, male party venting about having a tough day, calmed down while speaking with officer, nothing further.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries, I-94 SW/State Hwy 29 S.

Harassment, comp is at dinner with a male friend and her ex and his friend in another vehicle are in the parking lot saying they are going to beat the new guy up when he comes outside, spoke with both parties and advised them to not speak with each other.

Snowmobile complaint, comp requesting someone speak to the snowmobilers and tell them they cannot ride there, checked area for a bit to see if they came back through, gone on arrival.

Suicide threats, 14-year-old female threatening to take pills, Region IV after hours was contacted and responding to the residence to speak with juvenile.

Public assist, comp’s furnace stopped working, contacted the West Central Community Action after hours help line, gave party his name and phone number and they were going to contact him.

Check welfare of person, in APD lobby to talk about her son who might be suicidal, transported to Douglas County Hospital.

Public assist, gave male party a ride.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.