Monday, July 11

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Telephone calls/harassment, comp reporting his ex-girlfriend continues to call/text him non-stop, informed comp of the HRO process and provided him with Someplace Safe info, Alex.

Public assist, comp would like to speak with a deputy regarding the amount of traffic at the access and it becoming dangerous with people not moving for the boats to launch, spoke with comp who stated having hard time launching boat due to amount of people swimming and not moving for him to access the waters, advised comp that it is not a public swim beach and he has right away to launch boat, Alex.

Fraud, Secret Shopper scam letter, not out any money, just wanted to report it, Alex.

Criminal damage to property, someone shot out window, Alex.

Assault, stated she got into an argument with her neighbor and he pushed her, Nelson.

911 hangup, out of control 25-year-old male, no weapons, verbal only, suspect is downstairs and they are separated, person one and comp had an argument about family issues, agreed to stay separated for awhile, Miltona.


Monday, July 11

Telephone calls/harassment, in APD lobby to report telephone harassment, suspect called while he was at the PD, spoke with the suspect by phone and advised to stop calling, comp did not know suspect’s full name and suspect did not provide it.

Suspicious activity, comp reporting a white car has parked on Maple outside their home for over an hour, same car, same time last night, the occupants go down to the park, then vehicles pull in the park for a very short time, parties are out playing Pokemon Go, and there six checkpoints within Noonan's park, advised of the park hours.

Suspicious person, said his girlfriend lives in the area and he was out for a walk.

Property damage crash, minor, 50th Ave W.

Public assist, gas drive off.


Personal injury crash, two vehicles, 15th Ave W/Broadway St.

Threats, male party threatened an employee.

Check welfare of person, comp saw a little boy sitting by the side of the road and stopped, neighbor said she would take him home but comp would like it checked out,, little boy was nowhere to be found.

Public assist, questions on Order for Protection, advised to seek restraining order.

Theft, theft of bike over weekend.

Fraud, comp reporting his debit card number was stolen, they believe from Aldi and used in Vining, store in Vining got the suspect on tape.

Threats, comp states his cousin is going to kill him, all OK.

Suspicious person, comp stating a man in a white F150 followed his 17-year-old son home and then blocked in the driveway, male stated he is a cop and took off towards Arrowwood in his white truck, comp smelled alcohol, unable to locate.

Public assist, has questions about driving a ATV in city limits.

Telephone calls/harassment, getting harrassing texts from her child’s father, advised to block the number, informed comp of options with an HRO.

Suspicious vehicle, two people sitting in vehicle for hours, plate comes back not on file, using WiFi from Workforce center.

Check welfare of person, comp is in Arizona and his 5-year-old son called him and stated his mom left him alone and went to her boyfriend’s, child is scared to be alone.

Shooting complaint, comp stating they heard three gunshots and she is positive it was not fireworks, unable to locate.

Suspicious activity, hears voices outside his door, spoke with comp, reassured him that law enforcement was not at his apartment, and that it may be in his head, he is going to contact his doctor in the morning.

Suspicious activity, comp stating for the 3rd night in a row there has been a male looking in his windows, no suspect description or direction of travel, unable to locate.

Suspicious activity, comp stating there are 10-20 kids in the area running around with flashlights, parties were playing Pokemon, advised of park hours.

Suspicious activity, comp thinks he is being followed by five or six cars, person one broke up with person two, he thinks she is now sending her friends after him.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.