Thursday, Aug. 1

Noise complaint, caller reported vehicles, motorcycles driving past house being very loud, waking up three kids, County Road 14 NE, Miltona.

Water complaint, boats too close to shore, Lake Carlos.

Animal complaint, caller reported five cows in her yard, Garfield.

Parking complaint, report of vehicle parked on side of road, County Road 25 NW, Evansville.

Driving complaint, report of driver throwing things out the window, County Road 82 SE.

Criminal damage to property, County Road 5 NW.

Dog bite, caller reported another dog bit her dog, Miltona.

Property damage crash, County Road 34 NW.

Property damage crash, County Road 8 NW.

ATV complaint, report of young male driving ATV all over the park, Brophy Landing NW.

Traffic hazard, report of a port-a-potty in the middle of the road, County Road 24 NW, Brandon.

Traffic hazard, lumber in the road, County Road 5 NE, Garfield.

Animal complaint, caller said he keeps having to chase nuisance cats off his property and he wants something done about it, Brophy Shores Road NW.

Fraud, caller attempted to book rental but realized it was a scam, 7th Avenue E.

Suspicious person, caller reported person driving a motorcycle wearing a Friday the 13th mask drove down the cul-de-sac, shined his lights at the caller, then took off, Carlos.


Thursday, Aug. 1

Driving complaint, caller concerned about a four-way stop, 6th Avenue E.

Animal complaint, caller reported two dogs running loose, North Nokomis Street.

Driving complaint, report of elderly driver hitting a bunch of cones, then pulled off the side of the road, Interstate 94.

Animal complaint, caller reported dogs barking for hours at a time, Elm Street.

Driving complaint, report of driver speeding, 3rd Avenue E.

Animal complaint, caller reported dog lunged at person getting the mail, 34th Avenue E.

Fraud, caller reported counterfeit bill, 3rd Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, report of a tent in the woods east of Starbucks, 44th Avenue W.

Animal complaint, report of dog running on the loose, Parkview Road NE.

Animal complaint, caller reported while walking on the trail, they heard what sounded like a rattlesnake, Data Trail.

Property damage crash, Broadway Street.

Suspicious activity, caller reported plastic trim piece missing from his vehicle, string of lights on his house was cut, Cedar Street.

Suspicious activity, report of man taking large rocks from landscaping and putting them in his vehicle, Jefferson Street.

Theft, report of a backpack stolen, 3rd Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, caller reported vehicle parks in front of house and sits for a long time, Spruce Street.

Hit and run, Fillmore Street.

Animal complaint, report of large dog being vicious, running loose, Van Avenue NE.

Public assist, caller reported they have tent outside and this morning, someone was sleeping in it, Broadway Street.

Drug related activity, report of 15-20 kids smoking marijuana and drinking under age, 1st Avenue E.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.