Amanda Lynn Hinson, a Republican from Long Prairie, filed for candidacy for the 7th District’s U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday.

She is running for the seat held by longtime DFL incumbent Collin Peterson of Detroit Lakes. Dave Hughes of Karlstad is the endorsed Republican candidate for the district.

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A lifelong Minnesotan, Hinson worked as a missionary in Far East Russia, near China and North Korea, and went on to author a book about her experience.

Hinson said that similarities to her present run with her past experiences.

“My son was born in a foreign country and essentially was born an illegal alien,” Hinson recalled. “Unlike America, there are no anchor babies in Russia. Legal experts advised my family that we should leave and start over with a lengthy and costly visa process we had already achieved.”

Working with a tight budget of donor money, the Hinson family needed a solution that wouldn’t require the expense of leaving and starting over. She advocated her son’s case for several months until officials appealed to Moscow. Her son was eventually granted the necessary legal status while keeping positive relations with Russian officials and without having to leave the country.

“Americans need someone who will fight for them in Congress, who will not give up on the causes important to them and who isn’t intimidated by today’s circumstances or the usual way of doing things,” Hinson said.

Hinson was not awarded the Republican endorsement at the Alexandria convention in April but says she hasn’t given up on her commitment to her supporters, donors and citizens.

“I will persevere in Washington,” she said. “I’m not going to quit when I see a job that needs to be done. My deep roots here going back five generations compels me that of everyone on the ballot, I’m going to be our district’s best advocate.”

One issue that’s important to Hinson is the national school lunch program. She said she’ll work to give local schools and parents more freedom on what is served.

“If I knew that running for the local school board or Minnesota Legislature could fix the school lunches, I would make that my race,” Hinson said. “Unfortunately, our federal government seems it thinks parents don’t know best about anything from hot lunch to health care, so that’s where our voices need to be heard.”

Hinson is concerned that despite Peterson’s tenure on the ag committee, he has not done more to hear the frustrations of parents, students and schools with present regulations.

“We are tired of a Washington that has forgotten their place,” Hinson said. “I'm about common sense and real solutions that bring us back to the principles of our founding fathers such as limited government, protection of the family, and preserving our inalienable rights.”

Hinson said that as a pastor and missionary, she and her family are used to a high-stress, busy lifestyle that involves serving the public.

For more information, visit or contact her campaign at Hinson for Congress, PO Box 52, Long Prairie, MN 56347.