Friday, July 26

Theft, caller reported theft of $60, Evansville.

Property damage crash, person cited for reckless driving, Le Homme Dieu Heights NE.

Personal injury crash, two vehicles, Centennial Drive NW, Garfield.

Hit and run, County Road 45 SW.

Assist other agency, three-vehicle crash, Country Shores SW.

Property damage crash, vehicle hit a tree, South Lake Miltona Drive NE.

Animal complaint, report of cow and calf out of the fence, County Road 1 NW, Evansville.

ATV complaint, report of two juveniles driving go-cart, Gehrkes Point NW.

Saturday, July 27

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, County Road 1 NW, Evansville.

Property damage crash, vehicle in cornfield, Burr Oak Drive NW, Garfield.

Driving complaint, caller requested extra patrol because of all the speeders going to and from their cabins, Crestwood Drive.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, County Road 45 SW.

Water complaint, caller has been outside all day and reported that not one single boat or jet ski has observed the 300-foot no-wake zone, Lobster Lake.

Water complaint, watercraft continue to violate no-wake area on lake, Lake Carlos.

Animal complaint, caller reported horses and cattle not being fed, Parkers Prairie.

Water complaint, caller reported two young men drinking in a boat, neither wearing life jackets, Indian Lake.

Driving complaint, report of intoxicated driver, Garfield.

Water related incident, boat was hit, Lake Darling.

Sunday, July 28

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported vehicle keeps driving past house, Rose Lane SW.

Juvenile party, report of minors drinking, County Road 82 SE.

Animal complaint, report of three horses on the road, County Road 30 NE, Nelson.

Property damage crash, report of car speeding out of parking lot, hitting power pole, Sanstead Street W., Garfield.

Suspicious activity, caller reported three males walking around playground, driving van and U-haul trailer, caller state they didn't look like they should be there and wanted it checked out, checked on, they were working on playground, Brophy Landing NW.

Suspicious person, report of intoxicated male yelling in the middle of the yard, Farwell.

Driving complaint, vehicle driving 50 mph, crossing center and fog line, Highway 29 S.

Traffic hazard, report of five dead geese in middle of the road, County Road 16 NW, Evansville.

Assist other agency, crash, 6th Avenue W.

Personal injury crash, motorcycle versus deer, County Road 14 NE.

Suspicious vehicle, at the beach, County Road 108 NW, Brandon.


Friday, July 26

Parking complaint, report of vehicles parked in no parking zone, 6th Avenue E. and 6th Avenue W.

Suspicious activity, caller reported neighbor sitting in his car shining his car lights in window, 3rd Avenue W.

Theft, report of the theft of meters and other equipment, Fillmore Street.

Traffic hazard, report of traffic in road construction area, South McKay Avenue.

Property damage crash, 30th Avenue W.

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported neighbor sent picture of truck in caller's driveway, nobody is supposed to be there, Darling Drive NW.

Personal injury crash, 3rd Avenue E.

Traffic hazard, vehicle in parking lot too close to the road, North Nokomis NE.

Animal complaint, report of a dog in a vehicle, 3rd Avenue E.

Hit and run, 50th Avenue W.

Assist other agency, three-vehicle crash, Country Shores SW.

Property damage crash, 3rd Avenue E.

Child endangerment, report of traffic with kid riding in the bucket, 34th Avenue W.

Animal complaint, report of a dog in a vehicle, Highway 29 S.

Saturday, July 27

Suspicious activity, report of two females getting out vehicle in drive-through making a scene, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious activity, report of people driving out block yelling things out the window, 6th Avenue E.

Suspicious activity, report of two males who jumped out of vehicle and ran, George Street NW.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road, County Road 45 SW.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported someone kicked in door of her vehicle, South McKay Avenue.

Parking complaint, City Park Road.

Suspicious activity, caller reported female was sitting inside vehicle, staring at houses, then was walking on street, checked on, female was trying to trap her cat, Hawthorne Street.

Firework complaint, caller reported fireworks were noisy, Melody Lane SE.

Driving complaint, report of hay wagon with no lights, 34th Avenue E.

Noise complaint, report of loud music, North Nokomis NE.

Sunday, July 28

Public assist, caller reported receiving an email saying someone was watching her through her web cam, didn't open any hyperlinks, Arbor Crossing SE.

Utility company call, report of water bubbling out of manhole in the alley, 7th Avenue E.

Shoplifting, Highway 29 S.

Suspicious activity, report of kids running down sidewalk, Highway 29 S.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported camper was broken into, Aga Drive.

Shoplifting, report of two in the store, 3rd Avenue E.

Personal injury crash, 6th Avenue W.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.