The annual statewide Tour of Manufacturing running through October featured Alexandria Industries’ Not So Heavy Metal Tour on Saturday morning.

Alexandria Industries’ director of organizational development Lynette Kluver stated that this tour functions to highlight manufacturing careers within the community via local businesses and the Alexandria Technical and Community College.

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Part of this event’s goal is to inform the public on several misconceptions of manufacturing as a profession.

“There are a couple myths out there that manufacturing is not growing or thriving,” Kluver explained. “Especially if you take a look at Alex or Douglas County; out of the top 10 employers, most of us are manufacturing. There are just some amazing things happening in this community as a result of those manufacturing careers.”

Alexandria Industries is a privately held, high-quality short lead-time producer of engineered product to meet specific customer specifications.

Debunking myths regarding the occupation as low-paying, repetitive, dirty work are at the forefront of the tour’s objectives.

“There’s technology out there – it’s bright, it’s clean. Manufacturing today is much different than what some people think,” Kluver said. “There are careers beyond production. We have degreed engineers, a highly skilled applications team, accounting, information technology, human resources and folks that do training in-house.”

Community members got an inside look at how a manufacturing producer operates at the ground floor. Alexandria Industries also offered interviews for potential job-seekers looking for a new career path.

“One of the reasons I think why it’s so exciting is that it is so fast-paced and that’s one of the things I appreciate,” Kluver said on the manufacturing industry. “Here in manufacturing, if we have a good idea today, we are implementing it this afternoon.”