20 headstones damaged at Kinkead Cemetery in Alexandria Thursday night

While some of the stones were only knocked over, most were also broken.

Some time between 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 21 and 6:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 22, vandals destroyed 20 gravestones at Kinkead Cemetery in Alexandria.

While some of the stones were only knocked over, most were also broken.

"Most of them are the old ones from the 1800s, early 1900s that are destroyed," cemetery manager Deb Hvezda said. "Some aren't broken, that we could probably have a monument company come reset, but there's quite a few that are destroyed.

"Some of the white ones you just can't replace," she said. "You can replace with new, but you can't glue them back together."


Hvezda said she thinks the stones may have been easier to knock over because the ground is soft.

The matter is currently under investigation by police, although Hvezda said she has not heard if there are any suspects.

She has also talked to the insurance company about the situation.

"They don't know if they're going to be covered, because actually the stones are owned by families. The cemetery doesn't buy them," she said. "But the sad thing is that every one of these, there's no family. They're 140 years old. … So there's nobody to contact to see if they have insurance on them."

Hvezda said she does not believe there have been any vandalism incidents comparable to this one in the past.

She also encouraged anybody with information about the incident to come forward.

"We just want the public to be aware and keep their eyes open," she said.


Hvezda added that the community has been "great," with many people asking if there is a fund to which they can donate to replace the damaged gravestones.

The Douglas County Historical Society has also been contacting entities that work on old stones, Hvezda said.

The historical society also has posted information about some of the damaged gravestones on its Facebook page at .

Hvezda said the incident feels "kind of personal" to her and all the employees of the cemetery.

"It's sad when one falls down because of nature, but when this happens, it's (worse)," she said.

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