A disturbance in Alexandria last night resulted in minor injuries, property damage, a chase through backyards and the arrest of two suspects.

The incident began at a little after 9 p.m. when Alexandria Police Department responded to the report of a fight/disturbance near 7th Avenue and Jefferson Street.

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When officers arrived on the scene, they saw a woman running toward them screaming for help. Just behind her were two men fighting.

Officers approached the men and ordered them to the ground.

The men didn't comply with the orders and one man, later identified as Andrew Steven Peterson, took off running from the scene.

Officers pursued him through several back yards and Peterson jumped fences to try to elude them, according to police.

They found him hiding in tall grass but he again didn't comply with officers' commands and tried to fight and resisted the officers' attempts to hand-cuff him, according to Police Chief Rick Wyffels.

Peterson was shot with a taser and taken into custody.

As officers were arresting Peterson, the other suspect, Ryan Andrew Lee Anderson, walked up on the scene and tried to get involved in the arrest, hindering the efforts of the officers, according to Wyffels. He was also arrested.

Before officers arrived at the fight, Peterson and Anderson were allegedly riding in a vehicle when Peterson became upset and asked the driver to stop the vehicle.

Peterson got out and was verbally and physically upset, according to police. All of the occupants of the vehicle got out and were trying to calm Peterson down when another vehicle came along and was forced to stop because of the people in the middle of the road.

According to police, Peterson approached the second vehicle and punched through the driver's side window, striking the female driver in the face. She suffered minor cuts from the window glass.

The victim and the suspect don't know one another, police said. It has not been determined what led Peterson to punch out the window.

The driver then exited the vehicle and was running away when officers arrived on scene.

Anderson was struggling with Peterson so he wouldn't chase after the driver of the vehicle.

Peterson is being held on multiple assault charges including assaulting a police officer, fleeing, criminal damage to property and obstructing the legal process.

Anderson was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing the legal process, minor consumption, and possession of small amount of marijuana.

Minor injuries were treated at the scene. No one was brought to the emergency room or the hospital.

Assisting on the case were the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and the Minnesota State Patrol.