Sandy Tubbs and Sharon Braaten, co-directors of the Horizon Community Health Board (CHB), announced that the Horizon CHB received a $125,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

This two-year grant will enable the Horizon Cross-Jurisdiction Sharing Team to explore the feasibility of integrating human and financial resources with the goal of providing more efficient and effective public health services.

The Horizon CHB is comprised of Douglas County Public Health, Pope County Public Health and Stevens Traverse Grant Public Health. It governs the delivery of public health services throughout the five-county area.

Horizon CHB is exploring the feasibility of integrating the three public health departments into a single department as a strategy to achieve its goal of a strong public health infrastructure.

In recent years, funding for public health has dropped significantly, even as the mission of public health departments has continued to expand.

Cross-jurisdictional sharing enables health departments to share programs, services and resources across the jurisdictions they serve.

Sixteen projects in 14 states are being funded through the Center for Sharing Public Health services.

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