The newspaper obtained this photo last week from Lee Olmschenk of Sauk Centre who hauled in a 55-inch muskie out of Lake Miltona last month.

He didn't get an actual weight on the fish, saying that wasn't important to him, but the 55-incher is the biggest muskie he's landed.

He caught it using his own custom-made bucktail that he calls the Triple Z.

"The fish fought hard and had unreal pulling power," Olmschenk said. "Although the battle only lasted a few minutes it seemed like it took an eternity."

He was guiding that day with two guys from Fargo who netted the fish for him. "I was relieved they didn't miss or knock the fish off for it was their first time muskie fishing," Olmschenk said.

Olmschenk says he is on the lake from June until mid-October before he tries to get some hunting in. He's caught a number of muskies ranging from 50 to 52 inches, along with a 53-incher off Miltona, a 54-inch catch on Mille Lacs and now, the 55-inch feat.