Voters spoke loud and clear during Tuesday's election.

Not only for the presidential race, but also for city and school board races throughout Douglas County.

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For the city of Alexandria, two out of the three incumbents were re-elected - Dan Ness for mayor and Elroy Frank for city council, Ward 5.

In Ward 3, however, challenger Owen Miller beat out long-time council member Harvey Weisel in a two-to-one victory.

Ness said in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon that he was a little anxious Tuesday night waiting for the results. He added that his challenger, Virgil Batesole, deserved to be congratulated.

"He worked hard and ran a good race," said the mayor. "He had a million signs out. I had reasons to be nervous. But I was cautiously optimistic."

Although Ness noted that it's easier to run for office when you're unopposed, he admitted that it's also good to have a little competition.

"It's good to have people interested enough to get involved and run for office," Ness said, adding that with his re-election, there will be a seamless transition.

So what's next for the re-elected mayor?

Ness plans to continue working on issues and projects that are currently in the hopper and those, such as a new Super Target, that are on the horizon. He is also hopeful that plans for a new high school will take shape in the next four years he's in office.

Elroy Frank, who currently serves Ward 5, said he was up late waiting for the results. Although he wasn't too nervous, he wasn't that comfortable either.

"You don't want to get comfortable because things can change so fast," said Frank in a phone interview Thursday morning. "We were comfortable after we got the results."

He added that the people of Ward 5 have spoken and it's evident that they are comfortable with what's in place. And because of that, Frank is appreciative of the support of the voters in his district.

He also expressed his gratitude to his campaign manager and to all the volunteers who helped in his re-election.

Ward 3 winner, Owen Miller, who served on the Alexandria City Council from 1995 to 1996 in Ward 4, said Wednesday afternoon in a phone interview, "The results are in and I was elected. I had no reason to be nervous."

Miller said after the polls closed, he knew early on what the results were, although they hadn't shown up online or on the radio.

"I was feeling pretty good," he said. "I had visited with a lot of people and had a good feeling."

Miller said that he received a phone call Wednesday morning from Harvey Weisel, Ward 3 incumbent since 1980, and that they have plans to get together and talk.

"I asked him if I could pick his brains and he's willing to sit down and talk, and to work with me," said Miller. He added that he and Weisel ran a good, clean campaign, and that now, "It's time to get to work."

As for the rest of the city and school races throughout the county, here are the final totals as determined by voters in the Douglas County area (* denotes the winners in each race):

Alexandria mayor

*Dan Ness (incumbent) - 2,870

Virgil Batesole - 2,142

Alexandria City Council, Ward 3

*Owen Miller - 663

Harvey Weisel (incumbent) - 330

Alexandria City Council, Ward 5

*Elroy Frank (incumbent) - 427

David Tischer - 387

Brandon mayor

*Doug Johnson (incumbent) - 212

Patrick Gwinn - 34

Brandon City Council (top two)

*Jerry Bitzan (incumbent) - 197

*Michael Ranweiler (incumbent) - 192

Aaron Lund - 43

Carlos City Council (top two)

*Sharon Illetschko - 159

*Norman Kluess - 116

Rick Pierson - 66

Steve Meyers (incumbent) - 51

Mathew Mitag (incumbent) - 47

Evansville mayor

*Jamie Englund (write-in) - 35

Terry Aasness (write-in, incumbent) - 31

Bob Henrichs (write-in) - 15

(Twelve others received write-in votes.)

Evansville City Council (top two)

*Timothy A. Anderson (incumbent) - 229

*Erick Sletto - 192

Forada City Council (top two)

*Trudy Gerdeman (incumbent) - 73

*Steven Kluver (write-in, incumbent) - 62

Chad Heggestad - 31

Fran Wood - 29

Garfield City Council (top two)

*Dan Kalina - 78

*John Nienaber Jr. (incumbent) - 60

Brenda Peterson - 55

Ken Arneson - 54

Eric Rieber (incumbent) - 47

Garfield ballot question

To allow the city council to issue on-sale liquor licenses on Sundays:

Yes - 113

No - 58

Kensington mayor

*Randy Petersen (incumbent) - 99

Dale Rau - 58

Kensington City Council (top two)

*Brian Randt (incumbent) - 93

*Michael Johnson (incumbent) - 91

Rollie Finke - 54

Millerville City Council (top two)

*Donna Thoennes (write-in) - 30

*Randy Koep (write-in, incumbent) - 23

Lori Roers (write-in) - 15

(Nine others received write-in votes)

Miltona City Council (top two)

*Alan Bettermann (incumbent) - 107

*Eldridge Rosell (incumbent) - 98

Mickey Lint - 66

Nelson City Council (top two)

*Beverly Hansen (incumbent) - 60

*Michael Erickson - 53

Jason Karl (incumbent) - 47

Osakis City Council (top two)

*Chad Gulbranson - 431

*Jerry Olson - 390

Ralph Laven - 282

Randy Anderson (incumbent) - 259

Larry Dillehay - 94

Brandon School Board (top four)

*Lori Meissner (incumbent) - 762

*Debra Schaffer (incumbent) - 642

*Kevin Challes - 605

*Michelle Schaefer - 578

Cheryl Schaffran (incumbent) - 551

Brandon School Board, two-year term

*Kevin Lanners - 644

Julie Boesl (incumbent) - 345

Minnewaska School Board (top four)

*Lonnie Hoffman - 2,984

*Julie Gaffaney (incumbent) - 2,514

*Heidi Roggenkamp (incumbent) - 2,461

*Jim Peters - 2,293

Brad Parsons (incumbent) - 2,272

Dion Harste (incumbent) - 2,241

Judd Kuehne - 1,206

Osakis School Board (top three)

*Lorraine Nomeland (incumbent) - 1,204

*Shari Maloney - 1,163

*Pat Hildebrandt (incumbent) - 1,053

Chris Dague - 994

Parkers Prairie School Board referendum for more per pupil aid

Yes - 948

No - 799

    Note: Al Edenloff, Echo Press editor, contributed to this story.