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Commissioners Publish March 2. 2011 DOUGLAS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS REGULAR SESSION FEBRUARY 8, 2011 The Board of Commissioners in and for the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, met in Regular Session this 8th day of February, 2011. Fol...


Publish March 2. 2011





FEBRUARY 8, 2011

The Board of Commissioners in

and for the County of Douglas, State

of Minnesota, met in Regular Session

this 8th day of February, 2011. Follow-

ing is a summary of actions taken at

that meeting. The full text is available

for public inspection in the County Au-


ditor/Treasurer's office.

To approve the agenda with addi-

tions. Motion carried.

To pay bills in the amount of

$3,926,809.62 as follows.

Vendor Name - Count - Amount

Ace Hardware - 2,335.22

Alexandria Light & Power -



Caterpillar Financial Services -


Centerpoint Energy - 13,548.32

Central Specialties Inc - 27,453.45

Centurylink - 2,587.49

Computer Professionals Unlimited

- 4,547.76

Douglas County Auditor-Treasurer

- 4,954.76

Douglas County Public Works -


Elert & Associates - 13,525.00

Farm Plan - 2,597.76

Farmers Union Oil - 6,457.60

Ferguson Brothers Excavating -


H & R Tire Service - 4,510.13

Klein McCarthy & Co, Ltd., Archi-

tects - 13,408.29

Little Falls Machine, Inc - 2,627.36

Lubrication Technologies -


Meadowbrook, Inc - 3,245.00

Minnesota Co Intergovernmental

Trust - 2,500.00

Minnesota State Auditor -


Minnesota Welding & Boiler Ser-

vices - 9,550.00

Morical Brothers Inc - 8,651.17

Napa Auto Parts - 3,806.81

Northwest Divers, Inc - 4,513.07

Osakis City Clerk*Treasurer -


Otter Tail Power Co - 4,181.17

St. Cloud City - 3,187.49

Stein's, Inc -4,155.28

US Bank - 3,607,600.63

West Central MN Communities

Action, Inc - 14,614.10

West Central MN Petroleum LLC -


WSB & Associates, Inc - 6,393.25

Other Vendors - 154 - 59,205.11

Grand Total - 3,926,809.62

Motion carried.

To adopt Resolution 11-10 ap-

proving a gambling permit. Motion car-


To authorize the County Board

Chair, County Coordinator and Audi-

tor/Treasurer to sign the Letter of En-

gagement from the State Auditor's Of-

fice. Motion carried.

To authorize the Sheriff to accept

donations. Motion carried.

To accept the Sheriff's request to

remodel the 1930's section of the Ser-

vices Center for a Law Enforcement

Center and to proceed with getting

numbers on the project. The Jail Com-

mittee will remain intact throughout

this process with the exception of Jail

Administrator Jackie Notch being re-

placed by Communications/Dispatch

Sergeant Tom Egan. Motion carried.

To approve revised by-laws of the

Douglas County Public Health and

Hospice of Douglas County Governing

Board and Advisory Committee. Mo-

tion carried.

To set the per diem at $60.00 and

to set the mileage reimbursement rate

at the IRS rate (currently 51 cents per

mile). Motion carried.

To acknowledge payment of Pub-

lic Health bills for the month of Janu-

ary, 2011 as follows:

Warrant 10938 - 11019: Amount


EFTs in the amount of $1,698.000

Vendor Name - Count - Amount

Alexandria Area YMCA - 6,000.00

Douglas County Auditor-Treasurer

- 80,332.68

Douglas County Hospital -


Douglas County Social Service

Dept - 2,497.06

Knute Nelson Memorial Home -


Midwest Wellness Initiatives -


Minnesota Institute of Public

Health - 13,147.05

Pope County Land & Resource

Mgmt - 3,000.00

Pope County Public Health -


Regional Fitness Center -


Stevens Traverse Grant Public

Health - 4,339.88

Supporting Hands Nurse Family

Partnershp - 13,136.96

Thrifty White Pharmacy - 2,995.88

Trumm Drug - 2,078.17

Widseth Smith Nolting & Assoc.,

Inc - 2,516.00

Other Vendors - 66 - 29,050.24

Grand Total - 182,433.02

Motion carried.

To adopt the proclamation desig-

nating Random Acts of Kindness

Week. Motion carried.

To accept re-evaluations of the

Lead Secretary and Permitting Spe-

cialist positions in Land and Resource

Management by PEHRC (Public Em-

ployment HR Consulting). Motion car-


To approve the Excavator/Land-

scaper licenses as presented by Dave

Rush. Motion carried.

To accept/approve the 2010 Annu-

al County Feedlot Officer and Perfor-

mance Credit Report as presented by

Andy Siira. Motion carried.

To approve Dave Robley's request

to purchase two pickups. Motion car-


To approve Mr. Lieffort to apply for

all four project grants. Motion carried.

To move into Closed Session per

MN Statute 13D - attorney client privi-

lege. Motion carried.

The Board returned to Regular

Session at 11:22 a.m.

To adjourn the meeting at 11:23

a.m. Motion carried.


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