Melissa Lynn Haabala and Vance Adelbert Howe

Victoria Michelle Stewart and Javier Miguel

William James Waterbury and Heather Kristine Bodin

Kelly Elizabeth Lehrke and Robert Gregory Splitt

Christopher Joel Papillon and Cathryn Jean Berge

David Lloyd George Sr. and Sarah Jean Donohue

Seth Michael Schacher and Shanae Sue Suchy

Cory Ray Watts and Teela Marie Johnson

Katherine Marie Schoenenberger and Nelson David Isaacson

Jacqueline Marie Amor and Matthew David Phipps

Cheryl Gwen Schaffran and Aaron Charles Lund

Hayley Ann Lowers and Allan Jay Stoll

Alexis Catherine Bunting and Beau Arnold Backhaus

Tanya Lynne May and Tanner Jeffrey Hewitt

April Leah Perseke and Matthew Jo Zondervan

Michelle Brenda Kaiser and Gregory Michael Vollan