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Alomere Health

Apr. 22

Girl, Laura and Tyler Byron, Alexandria

Apr. 24

Girl, Jackie and Dustin Navratil, Alexandria

Boy,Hanna Greenwood and Patrick Mangan, Alexandria

Apr. 25

Boy, Breanna and Caleb Shockman, Alexandria

Apr. 28

Girl, Amanda and Jared Volesky, Alexandria

Apr. 29

Boy, Leanne and Brian Anderson, Alexandria

Apr. 30

Girl, Katie Long and Bradley Frovarp, Hoffman

Boy, Renee and Joshua Sanden, Garfield

May 2

Girl, Maggie Hoeper and Jeremy Fronning, Dalton

May 3

Girl, Molly and Matthew Ihnen, Alexandria

Births from Jan. 1 to May 3, 2019: 207