University of Minnesota Extension offers free beef breeding webinar series

Several brown cattle at a feeding trough in Douglas County (Echo Press file photo)
Cattle at a feeder in Douglas County (Echo Press file photo)

Farmers, 4-H'ers and others interested in beef cattle production are invited to a free webinar series hosted by the University of Minnesota Extension.

The four-part series, "Genetic Selection with a Vision," provides guidance in creating profitability and opportunities for every type of beef cattle producer.

The Zoom meetings will be held Mondays, 8-9 p.m., on Feb. 21 and 28, and March 7 and 14.

Feb. 21: Buying the Bull: How to Make Smart Decisions on Sale Day. How to navigate the different types of data available when buying a bull, such as genetic information, performance data, ratios, indices, pedigree, and phenotype, to determine which bulls to purchase or which artificial insemination sires to reach a breeder's goals. Speaker: Melissa Runck, Pipestone and Murray counties extension educator

Feb. 28: Breeding Costs: Artificial Insemination versus Natural Service. Compare and contrast the different expenses associated with using artificial insemination versus bulls.
Speaker: Troy Salzer, St. Louis County Extension educator


March 7: Raising versus Purchasing Replacement Heifers. This session will look at expenses and considerations associated with either management strategy. It will also look at the option of using a bi-annual replacement system, and how to make replacement decisions based on the cattle cycle. Speaker: Dr. Eric Mousel, cow calf management extension educator

March 14: Bull Breeding Soundness Exams & Bull Health. The speaker will give an overview of bull breeding soundness exams, how many bulls are needed, bull vaccine protocols, and other year-round bull management considerations. Speaker: Dr. Joe Armstrong, cattle production systems extension educator

Pre-registration is required. To register, visit . You will receive a Zoom link. You only have to register once and you will be registered for all subsequent webinars. Participants will have access to the recordings of all sessions via email at the end of the series.

For more information, contact Brenda Miller at

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