Readers take photos of Amazing animals

Reader-submitted photos of wildlife in the Alexandria and Douglas County area

Ducks at Noonan Park
Barbara Johnson took this photo of ducks at Noonan Park in Alexandria in June of 2020.
Contributed / Barbara Johnson

Each week, the Echo Press publishes a Photo of the Week that highlights the work of some of the photographers throughout the area. Because we get more images than we can publish, some great photos don't get used right away.

Here are a few unpublished Photo of the Week submissions from the last few years that feature colorful critters, wonderful wildlife and amazing animals.

If you have a great photo for a Photo of the Week, email it to Lowell Anderson at Please send full-size photos and include information about the subject, as well as were and when it was taken.

Deer swimming
Jerry Ellis took this photo of a deer swimming in Lobster Lake in June of 2020.
Contributed / Jerry Ellis
Swans along lake
Alicia Johnson took this photo of swans along the shore of Lake Christina in July of 2019.
Contributed / Alicia Johnson
Dennis Korkowski captured this raccoon on his trail camera near Urbank in June of 2020.
Contributed / Dennis Korkowski
Young owl
Melissa Werpy took this photo of a young barred owl out exploring by her home in May of 2020.
Contributed / Melissa Werpy
Rabbit looking in a window
Clifford Mogard took this photo of a rabbit looking through his patio door window in late November of 2019.
Contributed / Clifford Mogard

Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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