With so many people having to be quarantined at home because of the governor’s stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic, pets have been a source of companionship for those isolated alone.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Lakes Area Humane Society has remained open, but the process for adoption is different.

“We have been extremely fortunate as we have continued to have very good adoptions throughout the past few weeks,” said Christin Klimek, executive director of LAHS. “And we have been able to continue to provide safe housing and care for the animals in our community during this time.”

The humane society currently has a few available animals that are still seeking adoptive homes, she added.

If an individual or family is interested in adopting a pet, Klimek said it is best to call the shelter during its normal business hours to discuss what type of pet is being sought out. If the shelter has a pet or two that might be a good fit, the staff will schedule an appointment with that person or family so that they can come to the shelter to meet the animals.

Cats may be visited within the cat room at the humane society, she said, while the dogs can be taken outside to a play yard for the visit. This allows potential adopters to have limited contact with shelter staff, Klimek said.

“If they wish to adopt, we are able to collect information and provide contracts for signature while maintaining safe distancing,” she said. “This is the same process that we utilize to assist individuals who are seeking placement for their pets and wish to surrender them.”

LAHS has been able to continue to receive stray animals from cities and townships that have impound contracts with them.

For the public, prior to bringing a stray animal in, people are asked to call the shelter first. This allows the staff to check the lost animal records to see if the stray/lost pet can be reunited with its owner rather than being brought to the shelter.

If the LAHS staff cannot find an owner match, then they will schedule a time to have the pet brought in.

Klimek said the staff sincerely misses seeing their regular volunteers, supporters and all other visitors.

“All of us are looking forward to the time when we will be able to welcome each of them back,” she said.

She said a definite date to reopen to the capacity LAHS was prior to the closures has not been set. The hope is to open back up to the public the first part of June, but Klimek said it will depend on what the state requirements are for animal shelters. She said it is likely there will be limits on the number of clients/visitors for appropriate social distancing.

Updates can be found on the LAHS Facebook page.

For more information regarding lost/found pets, adoptions, surrenders, donations or any other inquiries call the LAHS during normal business hours at 320-759-2260.