Interested in learning more about the plants in your garden? Looking for design tips and plant recommendations?

You’re in luck — Garden Talk Tuesdays is right around the corner. Join me for a series of free webinars on ornamental planting in your garden.

July 14: Ornamental Plants for Your Home and Garden: Are you focused on vegetables and not familiar with ornamental plants? Here are some easy ornamentals you can include in your garden, and design basics so you can plan next year's garden now.

July 21: Flowering Trees and Shrubs for Minnesota: Do you love flowers in your garden, and would you like to include more? Learn some basic trees and shrubs that provide season-long interest in your landscape.

July 28: Just Grow Up! Vining plants are a great addition to your landscape, and add a new dimension to your garden beds. Learn about some popular vining plants, and how to grow them.

August 4: Flowers for Beauty and Cutting: Are you interested in starting your own cut flower garden? We'll talk about some of the best to include in your garden, when and how to harvest, and how to get the longest vase life possible.

August 11: Birdscaping: Gardening with Native Plants to Attract Birds: Few things are as interesting and beautiful as songbirds. They brighten up the darkest days of winter, adding music and color to our lives. What can we do to repay them? For starters we can make our yards more bird friendly. Join for an overview of native plants that provide food, shelter and nesting sites for birds.

August 18: The Twilight Garden: Covering basic planting and design principles that make the most of outdoor surroundings, this workshop will help gardeners establish a unique nocturnal garden. Includes night-scented and night-blooming plants, gentle mood lighting, water features, enclosures, and the use of color and sound.

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Robin Trott is a horticulture educator with University of Minnesota Extension. Contact her at 320-762-3890, or at trot0053@umn.