Minnesota lawns of cool season turf grasses bear the stress of changing weather and can survive harsh winters. These grasses endure throughout the seasons because they grow rapidly during spring and fall when temperatures are cool and then become inactive during the heat and drought of summer.

It is important to schedule your lawn care maintenance during times that match the life cycle of the turf grass.

If you are eager to get started on your spring lawn care, consult the recommendations of this lawn care calendar to maximize the health of your lawn through timely maintenance.

For more information on lawn care, visit: https://extension.umn.edu/lawns-and-landscapes/lawn-care

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Until next time, stay safe and happy gardening!


Sitting quietly, doing nothing,

Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.


Robin Trott is a horticulture educator with University of Minnesota Extension. Contact her at 320-762-3890, or at trot0053@umn.