Fathers get involved with their children's education at Douglas County event

The "FRED" event — Fathers Reading Every Day — seeks to improve a child’s literacy by involving their father.

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Jeff Lepinsky and his daughter, Lillian, painted pictures at the Fathers Reading Every Day event at the Douglas County Library.
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ALEXANDRIA — The Early Childhood Initiative, using funds from a West Central Initiative grant, collaborated with Sarah Wethern, the Douglas County children’s librarian, on Feb. 24 for an event for children and their fathers.

The "FRED" event — Fathers Reading Every Day — had not been done for several years. The program seeks to improve a child’s literacy by involving their father.

“Fathers who are involved in their children’s early education have a significant impact on attainment and on future aspiration," noted Connie Fields, Early Childhood Initiative coordinator of Douglas County.

Fields said several reliable studies have shown that high levels of interest by a father in his child’s schooling and education are associated with improved outcomes, including:

  • Better exam, test, class results.
  • Higher educational qualifications.
  • Greater progress at nursery/school.
  • More enjoyment of nursery/school.
  • Higher educational expectations.
  • Better behavior and reduced risk of suspension or expulsion (information is from the Fatherhood Initiative website .)

The FRED event drew 21 dads and 30 children, ages 1-5. Participants enjoyed a supper, did a craft activity and Wethern read two books.


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Clark Comer and his son, Grant, attended the Fathers Reading Every Day event in Alexandria.
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