Hugs, kisses and snuggles. Children are often brimming over with affection for their loved ones, so we at the Echo Press thought, hey, on this Valentine’s Day, let’s ask first-graders for their ideas on how to express affection.

After all, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only for romantic love. It’s prime time to express love for all those we treasure, whether family, friends and even pets, as the National Retail Federation says Valentine’s Day spending on pets is expected to rise from just $450 million in 2010 to more than $1.7 billion this year.

With the help of teachers Penny Perleberg and Bernice Korkowski, Brandon-Evansville first-graders shared their advice on how people can show their love for each other.

Snuggling and hugging figured prominently in their answers, which makes sense because loving touch releases oxytocin, a neuropeptide that makes us feel good, according to Psychology Today.

Other answers included doing chores at home or nice things for their parents, which, as an act of service, is among the five love languages identified in a 1992 book by Gary Chapman. (The others are receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation and physical touch.)

Here are the children’s answers on how to show someone you love them:

Kenan: “I hug them, I help fold clothes, and I help clean.”

Tucker: “I snuggle with them, I give them kisses and hugs, and I make my Mom’s coffee.”

Josie: “I hug them, I say I love them, and I make my bed.”

Aslyn: “I say I love you, I hug them, and I give my mommy presents.”

Andrew: “I hug them, I do the dishes, and I make my bed.”

Molly: “I hug my Mom, I help my Mom fold the socks, and play with my dad.”

Brayden: “I make food for them, give them kisses, and play with them.”

Jake: “I do the dishes, help clean up, and hug them.”

Kayleigh: “I hug them, I play with them, and I do crafts with them.”

Liam: “I help get the laundry basket up, I help fold, and I help give treats to my dog.”

Valerie: “I give them kisses everyday, I give them a hug, and I do the dishes.”

Alice: “I hug them, I give them kisses, and I do the dishes.”

Lily: “I give them hugs and kisses, I play with my dad, and make my bed.”

Grace: “I help my mom make eggs, I kiss them, and I help clean up.

Tommy: “You can help someone and give them hugs & kisses.”

Arianna: “Say ‘I love you’ or make them a card.

Annalynn: “Say, ‘I love you’ because I gave you a present.”

Rocco: “Say ‘I love you’ and I help clean up."

Ahriya: “Say ‘I love you’ and give them a kiss. I would give them lots of compliments. I would give them a hug.”

Paige: ���Give them a compliment, give them kisses and hugs.”

Mya: “Share with them, give them hugs and kisses, give them a treat.”

Sheldon: “Say ‘I love you,’ give them hugs and kisses.”

Ella: “Say ‘I love you’ and I would share and I would give them a compliment.”

Lucas: “Share treats, say I love you, and hugs and kisses.”

Lucy: “Give them a treat and a hug. Give them a compliment.”

Brielle: “Give someone a treat that is sweet. I give someone a big hug.”