When people submit a prayer request to the Osakis-based radio station PraiseLive, someone will follow up and let them know they’re being prayed for. Sometimes, staff members will pray over specific situations.

One woman named Sandra, who’s from Ethiopia and lives in the U.S. for medical care, first heard about PraiseLive from a friend in Kenya. Four days after she submitted a prayer request for her health, Sandra woke up at 4:05 a.m. to a text from her friend. When she tuned into PraiseLive at 4:30 a.m., radio host Chaz Lowder prayed for her on the air.

“Even the presenter himself could not orchestrate this,” Africa Director Joseph Kebbie said. “This is just the doing of God.”

Expanding globally

PraiseLive started in Osakis, added a Twin Cities location and is now streamed through a satellite in Slovakia to reach radio stations throughout the Middle East and Africa. Through this one satellite, 40 million dishes and individual listeners are potentially reached.

Within minutes of going on the air globally, someone from Cairo, Egypt, called asking about the radio station.

“I just knew that we needed a covering,” Prayer Coordinator Trudy McDermott said. “That was my intent for starting it.”

Listeners can submit their prayer requests through an online form or on the PraiseLive app. They can also volunteer to be a member of the prayer team, regardless of where they live. PraiseLive’s prayer team consists of over 100 people across five continents.

“We wanted to get everyone involved,” McDermott said. “We want it to be not just us praying for people, but for them also to pray for our needs and the needs of our listeners.”

Adding stations in Africa

The first time Joseph Kebbie heard about PraiseLive was when he was driving home from church in Ghana, Africa.

“I kept listening to the radio station because it was refreshing,” Kebbie said. “The presenters came across to me as friendly and someone who cared for me, so that drew me to them.”

Kebbie reached out to PraiseLive and asked if he could stream their content on additional stations. Since then, he’s joined the PraiseLive staff as Africa Director. Kebbie relays information from stations in Africa to PraiseLive’s base in small-town Minnesota.

Kebbie also works to create new partnerships with stations who will rebroadcast PraiseLive.

The station currently partners with over 20 stations in Africa, and Kebbie said they’re hoping to increase that to 60 affiliates by the end of the year.

“Just seeing what God can do if we lay down ourselves and say, ‘God, this is all that I have and this is all that I am. Use me as I am,’” Kebbie said. “What follows is miracles.”

Seeing prayers answered

Kebbie shared a story of someone in South Africa who sent in prayers for his pregnant wife because she had multiple miscarriages in the past. Kebbie contacted PraiseLive staff and the prayer team, asking them to lift up the mother while she was in labor.

Hours later, the parents told Kebbie they had “a bouncing baby girl.”

“To God be the glory because this is something that we cannot do,” Kebbie said. “We can only send prayers to God, and he has to answer them.”

The parents were so grateful that they asked the radio station to name their baby. PraiseLive chose Olivia, meaning a person of peace. They related it to the biblical story of Noah in the flood. In the story, Noah sent out multiple birds to see if the waters had gone down. One dove finally returned with an olive branch in its beak, signifying that there was new life and that the flood waters were receding.

“From this little town in this little building, God is doing marvelous things with a group of people that are not perfect,” Kebbie said. “We’re just ordinary people. But again, if you give God your ordinariness, he will give you what he thinks that is best for you, and he will use that for his glory.”