Births at Alomere Health, April 11-18

Year to date births (as of April 18) – 183.

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Lowell Anderson | Echo Press

Births at Alomere Health in Alexandria:

Boy born 4/11/22 to Courtny and Maxwell Flowers of Alexandria

Girl born 4/11/22 to Kimberly Thompson and Alex Pearson of Alexandria

Girl born 4/12/22 to Addie and Matthew Verant of Alexandria

Boy born 4/13/22 to Sara Maaninga and Jesse Swartz of Henning


Boy born 4/13/22 to Mya Burmeister and Dominic Moos of Alexandria

Boy born 4/15/22 to Amber and Gideon Piotter of Alexandria

Girl born 4/16/22 to Reanna and Collin Doherty of Glenwood

Girl born 4/17/22 to Stephanie and Trent Froemming of Evansville

Girl born 4/18/22 to Deveny Rocholl and Sean Saxton of Elbow Lake

Year to date births (as of April 18) – 183.

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