'Art,' graces the stage of Fire Pit Production's Lakes Area Theatre

"This is a multiple award-winning show," says Theatre Director Quincy Roers. "Very intelligently written that examines what it takes to maintain a friendship as you age and as your life circumstances change."

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Lucien Cravens, right, Quincy Roers, middle, and Jon Provance act out a scene from "Art" during an evening rehearsal Thursday, July 14.
Thalen Zimmerman / Alexandria Echo Press

ALEXANDRIA — Lakes Area Theatre's Fire Pit Production will feature the three-cast production of the English adaptation of the French play, "Art," premiering Friday, July 22, at 7 p.m.

"Art" is a dramedy revolving around art and maintaining friendships that director Quincy Roers describes as "intelligently written." The story follows three friends, Marc, Serge, and Yvan as they navigate their life, relationships, and their friendship, which begins to crumble after Serge purchases a questionable art piece. The production raises the question of what constitutes art and each character has their own answer.

"This is more advanced theater, which is very layered with nuance, emotion, and chemistry between the three of them, and they don't dumb it down to the audience," said Roers. "These are very wealthy, intelligent men, but they're fighting within their dichotomy of who's controlling the friendship. So there are very intelligent jabs and digs that they throw at each other."

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Shadows of Lucien Cravens, left, Quincy Roers, middle, and Jon Provance are cast on a plain white canvas centered on the backdrop of the Lakes Area Theatre stage.
Thalen Zimmerman / Alexandria Echo Press

Roers is directing the show while also portraying the character Yvan, the comic relief described as a "blue-collar guy that doesn't fit in this friendship."

Lucien Cravens, 57, of Alexandria, plays Serge — a dermatologist with a fascination for art and museums who spent a large amount of money on what he would describe as art, ultimately igniting the conflict between the three friends.


"I got a copy of the play and read through it and the character Serge just appealed to me more than the others," said Cravens when asked what drew him to audition.

Marc, a controlling attention seeker with a large ego, is played by Jon Provance, 32, of Alexandria. Provance says he auditioned because wanted to get into more serious roles away from the "slapstick comedy" characters he is accustomed to.

"It is entertaining," said Cravens. "It explores the 'fundamental dynamic of evolution.' That's one of my lines. It's just that the interaction among friends and how we all get annoyed by our friends from time to time, that ultimately, we remember deep down how we care about one another."

If you go

WHEN: July 22, 23, 28, 29 and 30, starting at 7 p.m.
WHERE: Lakes Area Theatre, 4133 Iowa St #108, Alexandria
TICKETS: Purchased at the door.
RESERVATIONS: Email, message on Facebook , or call 320-815-7664.

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