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Andria Theatre's 'Elf the Musical' is sold out, but here's a way to see it

A pay-per-view option can be purchased starting on Monday, Dec. 13.

Elf 064.jpg
The cast of "Elf the Musical" take the stage at the Andria Theatre last week for a dress rehearsal. Celeste Edenloff / Alexandria Echo Press

Bummed that all nine performances to the Andria Theatre’s production of “Elf the Musical” are sold out?

Don’t be. There’s good news. The Andria Theatre is adding pay-per-view as an option for watching the show. New lights have been installed, as well as new projections and an all-new 4K camera system, which will enhance the streaming capability.

Elf 019.jpg
Buddy the elf, played by Patrick Sieve, sits on Santa's lap during "Elf the Musical" at the Andria Theatre. Santa is played by Kevin Lee. Celeste Edenloff / Alexandria Echo Press

The sold out production opens this Thursday, Dec. 9, but the pay-per-view option will be available for purchase beginning on Monday, Dec. 13. It can be purchased between Dec. 13 and 19 and can be viewed between Dec. 15 and 19. People who do this option can view it for 48 hours, with options to stop, rewind and watch again.


All the information will be on the downtown Alexandria theater’s website,

Director Donna Magnuson said “Elf the Musical” is a great story and the cast is a mix of newcomers and veteran actors.

She said it has been really fun to see the veterans stepping in to help those who are new to the stage, and that the whole show is a unique experience.

According to the Andria Theatre’s website, “Elf the Musical” is the hilarious tale of Buddy, a young orphan who mistakenly crawls into Santa’s bag of gifts and then is transported to the North Pole. Although the story is centered around Buddy, Magnuson said the story is also about how his real-life father, Walter, and how his views change.

“Elf is just a really great story,” she said.

Elf 009.jpg
Santa, played by Kevin Lee, sings a song with his elves, including, left, Lucy Gustafson, and Olivia Zollner, during "Elf the Musical," which opens Thursday, Dec. 9, at the Andria Theatre. Celeste Edenloff / Alexandria Echo Press

Stepping into a new role

Greg Raether, who is typically behind the scenes at the Andria Theatre, is trying his hand at being on the stage this time.


And he is doing so in a number of ways. Raether plays several different characters – a New Yorker, a police officer and even a fake Santa.

Elf 053.jpg
Greg Raether and Triessa Spanswick rehearse a scene from "Elf the Musical," which opens at the Andria Theatre on Thursday, Dec. 9. Celeste Edenloff / Alexandria Echo Press

Additionally, he is the show’s music director and he is also taking care of sound design, which is the hat he usually wears.

Raether said he started helping at the theatre during the summer of 2018 when his daughter, Mallory, was in “Suessical Jr.” He said Mallory came home and said the theatre was looking for parents to help out and that he should volunteer.

Apparently, how he remembers it, is that the next day his daughter volunteered him and then told him that he was going to do it.

“I’ve been helping out at the Andria ever since,” he said, noting that he loves it and that it really is a family affair.


Elf 032.jpg
Buddy the elf, played by Patrick Sieve, along with other elves from "Elf the Musical" rehearse at the Andria Theatre on Thursday, Dec. 2. The show will open on Thursday, Dec. 9. Celeste Edenloff / Alexandria Echo Press

Since the summer of 2018, Mallory has been in six or seven shows, he helps out with sound design and as a sound technician, and his wife, Jen, has been a lighting technician, stage manager and assists wherever she is needed.

He is excited – and maybe a little nervous – to actually be on stage this time, and said the whole cast is incredible.

“This cast is super talented and works hard,” Raether said. “And they are super funny. It is going to be a great show.”

Elf 026.jpg
Eric Schmidt, in the role of Walther Hobbs, talks to his wife, Emily, played by Leah Drexler, and daughter, played by Kylee Dummer, as his secretary, Deb, played by Ari Janssen, looks on. Celeste Edenloff / Alexandria Echo Press


Kevin Lee – Santa Claus

Triessa Spanswick – Mrs. Claus

Fiona Schmidt – Elf

Olivia Zollner – Elf

Jayme O’Brien – Elf

Lily Eken – Elf

Claire Eken – Elf

Grace Shurson – Elf

Lucy Gustafson – Tiara

Gavyn Schmidt – Charlie

Patrick Sieve – Buddy

Brianna Varnum – Jovie

Kylee Dummer – Michelle Hobbs

Eric Schmidt – Walter Hobbs

Leah Drexler – Emily Hobbs

Felicia Fredrickson – Ms. Greenway

Ari Janssen – Deb

Nick Zabroski – Matthew

Brody Uhlenkamp – Macy’s Santa

Greg Raether – Fake Santa

KD Tomoson – Charlotte

Misty Hunter – Macy’s manager

Sam Swensrud – Store elf

Linnea Hoven – Store elf

Mie Meier – Store elf

Madi Roering – Store elf

Blake Steussy – Store elf

Hazel Eken – Bratty child

Brian Fleming – Police officer


Director – Donna Magnuson

Assistant director/makeup design/hair design – Maryn Cabinaw

Music director/sound design – Greg Raether

Vocal coach – Heather Hjelle

Choreographer – Christine Riley

Set designer and set construction – Greg Bohl

Stage manager/props/set decor – Hilary Ninmanr

Costume design – Molly Eken

Lighting technician – Jen Raether

Sound technician – Bryce Gall

Projection – Claudia Bursch

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