Alexandria's Andria Theatre announces shows for 2021-2022 season

There are 11 productions planned over the next 15 months.

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The Andria Theatre in downtown Alexandria is once again open and going great guns. There are 11 productions planned for in the next 15 months. (Contributed)

Over the course of the next 15 months, theater goers will find plenty to see at the Andria Theatre as there are 11 upcoming productions. From musicals to dramas to comedies and everything in between, there should be something for everyone.

“It’s going to be an ambition season,” said David Christman, Andria Theatre’s artistic director. “There’s a lot of bite to it.”

Ann Hermes, Andria Theatre’s executive director, said Christman has a sixth sense when choosing the productions each season. Christman nodded his head in agreement, smiled and then said, “It’s called Ann Hermes.”

The two recently announced the downtown Alexandria theater’s 2021-2022 season on the Andria Theatre’s website and Facebook page.


In choosing the upcoming productions, Hermes said a survey of their patrons revealed that the three most sought after shows were musicals, comedies and dramas, which Christman said is really no different than any other communities.

This summer, there will be two Student Theater Production shows – “Grease,” which will be in June and “Aladdin Jr.” in August.



In September, “Grumpy Old Men: The Musical” will be hitting the stage and then in October, over Halloween, “Legend of Sleepy Hollow for Kids” takes the stage.


Rounding out the year will be a holiday favorite, “Elf The Musical,” which will be showing right before Christmas.



Then, the heavy-hitting drama, “Shawshank Redemption” is set to take place in January.

COVID canceled two shows that the theater decided to bring back – “Frozen Jr.” in March 2022 and “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” in April 2022.




Something new to the Andria Theatre that will be taking place in the spring of 2022 will be what Hermes said is an outreach production. The play is “The Lion in Winter.” It will be presented in area high schools, at the Historic Holmes Theatre in Detroit Lakes and it will also be shown at the Andria in May 2022.

Two Student Theatre Productions will round out the season – “Tarzan Jr.” in June/July 2022 and “Little Mermaid” in August 2022.

“There will be something for everyone,” said Hermes.

Ann Hermes


Christman said when choosing which shows will be performed at the Andria Theatre, they do choose them based on the feel of the community. He said they try to choose shows they feel people will want to see and are productions people have heard of.

“They also have to feel right,” he said. “They have to work and make sense for our community.”

Hermes said she feels they have “hit upon a formula” that works and they are excited about the upcoming productions.

The last year was hard on the theater with COVID-19 shutting down the majority of the productions and then after opening back up, not being able to open to full capacity. But prior to that, the theater was heading in the right direction with nearly half of its shows selling out, which Christman said is almost unheard of.

"They also have to feel right. They have to work and make sense for our community.”

— David Christman, Andria Theatre

“We expect and hope that each performance will do well,” said Hermes. “And it is fun to get to that place.”

Hermes and Christman are also hopeful that as things are opening back up, they will soon be able to sell season passes. Currently, tickets are only sold a month in advance. But, season tickets are a much better deal, Hermes said, as patrons get five shows for the price of four.


To help generate some of the loss of income during the shutdown, community members can purchase their name on a seat in the theatre. Depending on what section the seat is in will determine the price. There are three options to choose from – $1,000, $750 or $500 – and payments can be made monthly over a three-year period, said Christman. The theater has sold 74 seats to date.

David Christman

In addition, people can make a donation to the theater and in doing so, can put an announcement, such as a birthday greeting or anniversary wish, on the marquee. And people can also rent the box suite seats to see shows. Integrity Title of Alexandria is the sponsor of the suite, said Hermes.

“It’s a fun place and a great spot to watch shows,” she said. “And guests get to have either hors d’oeuvres or dessert”

Both Hermes and Christman are looking forward to all the upcoming shows and are both excited to have the theater open again.

For more information about any of the shows, to make a donation to the theatre or for general information, call the Andria Theatre box office at 320-762-8300.

Upcoming shows

  • Grease – June 16-19 and June 23-26, 2021

  • Aladdin Jr. – July 28-31 and Aug. 4-7, 2021

  • Grumpy Old Men: The Musical – Sept. 30-Oct. 3 and Oct. 7-10, 2021

  • Legend of Sleepy Hollow for Kids – Oct. 29-31, 2021

  • Elf The Musical – Dec. 9-12 and Dec. 16-19, 2021

  • Shawshank Redemption – Jan. 20-23 and Jan. 27-30, 2022

  • Frozen Jr. – March 3-6 and March 10-13, 2022

  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – April 21-24 and April 28-30, 2022

  • The Lion in Winter – May 13-15, 2022

  • Tarzan Jr. – June 22-25 and July 29-July 2, 2022

  • Little Mermaid – Aug. 3-6 and Aug. 10-13, 2022


Frozen 097.jpg
The cast of Andria Theatre's production of "Frozen Jr." will once again take the stage. After COVID-19 cancelled shows last year, the theater is bringing it back next March. (Echo Press file photo)

Celeste Edenloff is the special projects editor and a reporter for the Alexandria Echo Press. She has lived in the Alexandria Lakes Area since 1997. She first worked for the Echo Press as a reporter from 1999 to 2011, and returned in 2016 to once again report on the community she calls home.
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