Imagine representing an entire statewide organization and working with thousands of people from every part of Minnesota... as a teenager.

This year, Laureen Walter has exactly that opportunity. Laureen is one of 27 outstanding youth who were selected to serve as a Minnesota 4-H state ambassador.

State ambassadors are the youth leaders and spokespeople for Minnesota 4-H. Being selected as a state ambassador is one of the highest honors that a 4-H member can achieve. Laureen is the daughter of Nathan and Angela Walter and lives in Villard. She just completed the 11th grade and is a member of the Villard Livewires 4-H Club.

“I look forward to representing and promoting Minnesota 4-H in my role as a Minnesota 4-H state ambassador,” Walter said in a press release.

Throughout this year, the 4-H State Ambassador team will dedicate many hours to organizing, planning and facilitating 4-H activities and events throughout the state, impacting thousands of other youth involved in Minnesota 4-H’s programs. This includes supporting the 2021 Minnesota 4-H at the Minnesota State Fair, coordinating and facilitating statewide leadership events, and sharing their 4-H story with the general public at businesses, industry associations, schools and community groups.

The state ambassador program is one of several 4-H leadership and civic engagement experiences available to Minnesota youth.

To learn more about the 4-H State Ambassadors, visit or contact Meg Clark and Jacquie Lonning,

state ambassador advisors, at