There’s a healing energy present in the new Meditation Room at Douglas County Hospital (DCH).

The new room is painted and furnished with a nature theme to create a place of comfort in the middle of the hospital.

Three local women pulled the project together – Sue Freng, Dee Kraemer and Jola Amundsen, members of the Douglas County Hospital Auxiliary.

“For a long time, we talked about doing a chapel, but we also know that diversity has come into our community and we felt that we should call it a meditation room,” Amundsen said.

Kraemer added, “We needed a place in the hospital where families of patients, that are going through some difficult times, have a place to come in and quiet themselves and maybe reflect on what’s going on and find a little comfort in this room.”

It’s also a space for clergy to visit and talk with families, they said.

DCH Auxiliary members reportedly talked about creating the room for several years and finally, last fall, they took the first steps to create the space and invited Alexandria Technical and Community College interior design students to provide a few ideas.

“[The students] helped us get started and they had some really wonderful ideas,” Freng said. “It had to be multi-faith, so we have a nature theme.”

The lighting is low in the room, the decor is simple in earthy tones, the furniture is comfortable and a sound machine playing waves creates a calming atmosphere.

When people visit the Meditation Room, the women said they hope they experience strength, hope, comfort and peace.

“It’s a place to come and seek solace,” Freng said.

The Meditation Room is located on the third floor of the hospital in the north wing.