The Runestone Museum in Alexandria has just received its new yearly ornament featuring the Snorri, the Viking ship that is housed in the museum’s annex.

The porcelain ornaments depict the ship on the front and include a detailed history on the back.

“This is our way of telling [the public] about the history of the museum,” said Carol Meyer, a volunteer member of the Runestone Museum Board of Directors.

This ornament marks the second year of the ornament tradition restart. The museum wasn’t able to produce the ornaments for eight or nine years, according to Meyer, because it was unable to find a supplier. However, last year, it finally found a supplier and restarted production.

“It’s kind of a nice tradition to start,” Meyer said, and she added that the museum still has some of last year’s ornaments in stock, which featured Big Ole.

The ornaments, as well as matching coffee mugs, are available for purchase at the museum gift shop.

The museum encourages the public to offer feedback on which artifacts it should feature next.

To give feedback or for more information, call (320) 762-3160, email or visit www.runestone