Letter: There are waiting lists of couples wanting to adopt newborns

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To the editor:

I felt compelled to respond to the letter ("Thoughts about abortion, what to do, how to help," Jan. 14) with a love letter not hate mail that you expect. I love you Erin W. as I do all God’s children. You are a gift from God, as are all people, both the born and the unborn. We are all precious gifts from God that he gives to the world. I will pray for you as many others are also doing. I truly hope you can come to love all people and have the opportunity to tell Jesus you’re sorry before you die.

I have one point of clarification. There are waiting lists of couples that want to adopt newborn babies that are unable to have one of their own. No gift from God will ever go to waste. May the peace and spirit of our Lord be with you and your loved ones and “Be not afraid.”

Joseph Struck

Alexandria, MN

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