Summons Publish September 16, 23, 30, 20

Summons Publish September 16, 23, 30, 2022 STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF DOUGLAS IN DISTRICT COURT SEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT Case No.: 21-CV-22-1472 Case Type: QUT SUMMONS St. Marie Lake, LLC, Plaintiff, vs. Lewis J. Brown; Sarah E. Brown; Brandt Van Blarcom; Ada A. Van Blarcom; Daisy P. Goodfellow; Harry B. Goodfellow; Jeffrey K. Berg; Nancy E. Berg; State of Minnesota, and also the unknown heirs of the Defendants herein and all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, interest or lien in the real estate described in the Complaint herein, Defendants. THE STATE OF MINNESOTA TO THE ABOVE-NAMED DEFENDANTS. You are hereby summoned and required to answer the Complaint of the Plaintiff in the above-entitled action, a copy of which is on file in the office of the Court Administrator of the above-named Court, within twenty (20) days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the date of service. If you fail to do so, judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action involves, affects or brings into question real property situated in the County of Douglas, State of Minnesota, described as follows, to-wit: That part of Lot E, BROWN’S POINT, DOUGLAS COUNTY, MINN., according to the recorded plat thereof, described as follows: Commencing at the northwest corner of said Lot E; thence on a record bearing of North 90 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds East along the north line of said Lot E 202.66 feet; thence South 26 degrees 31 minutes 37 seconds West 136.11 feet to the point of beginning of the land to be described; thence reversing North 26 degrees 31 minutes 37 seconds East 136.11 feet to said north line; thence South 89 degrees 49 minutes 14 seconds East along said north line 139.20 feet to the northeast corner of said Lot E; thence South 26 degrees 27 minutes 03 seconds West along the easterly line of said Lot E 213.30 feet; thence South 40 degrees 12 minutes 03 seconds West along said easterly line 206 feet more or less to the shoreline of Lake Darling; thence northwesterly along said shoreline to the intersection of a line bearing South 40 degrees 08 minutes 54 seconds West from the point of beginning; thence North 40 degrees 08 minutes 54 seconds East 184 feet more or less to the point of beginning. Containing 1.07 acres more or less. The object of this action is to obtain judgment declaring that the Plaintiff is the owner of the property, as its interests appear, and that the Defendants, and each of them, have no interest or estate in and to the property, nor lien thereon. Notice is further given that no personal claim is made by Plaintiff against any of the Defendants. PARTIES TO A CIVIL ACTION ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEMPT ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION PURSUANT TO MINNESOTA LAW. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION INCLUDES MEDIATION, ARBITRATION AND OTHER PROCESSES AS SET FORTH IN THE DISTRICT COURT RULES. YOU MAY CONTACT THE COURT ADMINISTRATOR ABOUT RESOURCES IN YOUR AREA. IF YOU CANNOT PAY FOR MEDIATION OR ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION, IN SOME COUNTIES, ASSISTANCE MAY BE AVAILABLE TO YOU THROUGH A NONPROFIT PROVIDER OR A COURT PROGRAM. Dated: August 17, 2022 LEUTHNER & HUETHER, LTD. /s/ William J. Leuthner William J. Leuthner, #62467 Attorney for Plaintiff 2304 South Broadway, Suite 2 Alexandria, MN 56308 (320)7620259 101732